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10 great books you can download right now to pass the time during isolation


Curled up on the couch with a brew and a good book, what a way to get through isolation. Here are 10 of our fave books to help you get by the next few weeks.

Let’s face it, when it comes to an easy escape from your surroundings or taking your mind off things, there’s never been a better time to pick up a good book, or to start your own FaceTime Book Club with friends.

Whether you fancy some outstandingly good fiction, indispensable life advice, or some factual pause for though, we’ve rounded up some of the best titles, brought to you by some of the best writers around. 

1 - Sweet Sorrow - David Nicholls

The superb Mr Nicholls, author of Us, One Day and Starter For Ten returns with this best-selling story of adolescence set against an evocative 90s setting.

GCSEs are over, school is out, and Charlie Lewis cycles around his small British hometown to escape the boredom of life at home. Until he meets Fran Fisher; former student of the posher school and the impetus behind his sudden, begrudging interest in amateur dramatics.

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2 - Grown Ups - Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes’ fans have been self-isolating with her books for years, so her latest release has arrived just in time.

The Nº1 Sunday Times Bestseller introduces us to the Casey family. Three brothers with very different wives and very different lives, from finances to friendships and feuds, despite the glamorous get-togethers and celebrations, there’s far more interesting things going on behind closed doors.

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3 - The Eyes Of Darkness - Dean Koontz

As we currently try to process a reality that’s become stranger than fiction, everyone’s been talking about how this 1981 thriller from Dean Koontz eerily predicts COVID-19.

Tina Evans lost her little boy a year ago in a tragic accident. When the message: NOT DEAD appears on a chalkboard in his old room, she begins a search which brings her closer to the truth behind Wuhan-400, a toxic mystery which threatens the globe.

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4 - Mythos - Stephen Fry

The nation’s favourite brain-box takes us to Ancient Greece in this warm and witty retelling of Greek Myths.

Mythos is the first book in Mr Fry’s exploration of the spell-binding legends of Ancient Greece, and if that sounds like your kind of book, you’ll be pleased to know the second book in the series, Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold, is out now!

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5 - Lies, Lies, Lies - Adele Parks

The always enjoyable Adele Parks delves into deceit in her latest domestic thriller.

After trying to conceive for years, the arrival of longed-for daughter, Millie, turns Daisy and Simon’s marriage into a family of three. No relationship is perfect, but as Daisy stops finding excuses for Simon’s drinking, everything that holds them together is about to break them apart.

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6 - How To Fall In Love - Cecelia Ahern

Best-selling Irish author of PS. I Love You, Cecelia Ahern brings you her latest uplifting take on the darker challenges of life.

Adam is about to jump off the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, and after convincing him not to do it, Christine is determined to spend the next two weeks showing him life is worth living, despite being in the middle of her own messy divorce.

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7 - Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand - Marcus Chown

Popular broadcaster, stand-up, and all-round witty Science boffin, Marcus Chown, brings us a fascinating book that’ll leave you mind-boggled!

Fifty weird and wonderful facts are broken into fun, bitesize pieces of physics and biology that help explain the weirdest scientific realities of the universe. Find out how the whole human race fits into the volume of a sugar cube, and ponder how out in the cosmos, there are infinite versions of you reading infinite copies of this article…

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8 - The Art Of Not Falling Apart - Christina Patterson

When journalist Christina Patterson lost her job, she realised it was the only thing keeping her life from falling apart. 

So what did she do? She interviewed friends who’d experienced a similarly rocky ride as case studies and applied her own empathetic, witty and insightful take in this moving, joyful and thoroughly honest account.

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9 - Happy: Finding Joy In Everyday And Letting Go Of Perfect - Fearne Cotton

Ambassador for mental health charity, Mind, Fearne Cotton draws on her own experiences with depression and anxiety in this guide towards achieving a more positive mental state.

Deconstruct your moods with exercises, insight and advice, and realise you are not alone with this book which aims to help you release what’s going on inside your head and keep heading towards the good, calm, simple stuff that makes us happy.

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10 - One Two Three Four: The Beatles In Time - Craig Brown

What more can possibly be said about The Fab Four? Well, as this hilarious, kaleidoscopic biography of the Fab Four proves, quite a lot, actually.

A mixture of history, diaries, fan letters, essays, party lists, interviews and announcements and stories, One Two Three Four joyfully presents the entire social orbit of The Beatles and the creative and colourful people they called their friends.

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