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10 things we’ll miss about going to the Randox Grand National at Aintree



Anyone who’s been to Aintree knows that the atmosphere of the Randox Grand National is something very special – there’s really no other event quite like it in the world.

Just walking through the entrance, especially on the Saturday, and seeing the crowds all dressed up, you get that buzz of knowing you’re in for one of the best days of the year.

Even though there can’t be any punters watching, the horses will be running again this year after last year’s virtual race, and there’ll be a Virtual Style Awards again too so there’s still an excuse to get out of WFH sweatpants and get something glam on.

We do miss not actually being there on the course though and everything that goes along with that. So, for everyone who loves the National as much as we do, here are 10 things we’ll miss most when they get under starter’s orders for 2021 …

See who won this year’s Aintree Ladies Day virtual Style Award here.

Spending months choosing the perfect outfit

There’s absolutely nothing left to chance about what you wear to Aintree. Never in the history of the National has anyone got up on the morning of the races and gone ‘I’ll just throw that on, it’ll do.’ Nasa space missions have had less planning than a Ladies Day outfit, what with finding just the right dress in just the right colour, the bag and the shoes (to match or not to match, that’s the big question). But the endless searching is all part of the fun, everyone knows that, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Getting all those pre-races appointments booked

It’s all in the timing – synchronised appointments are the way to go and the last thing you need is to leave it late and find they’re all booked up. Slots near races weekend are like gold dust and getting the last hairdressers’ appointment is like winning the Lottery, so on your marks, get set …. hair, nails, lashes, tan, and maybe a bit of a wrinkle tweak, freshen things up, while you’re at it. No point having the great frock otherwise.

Waiting at Central for the train

Only an amateur – or a massive optimist – takes their car to Aintree because you get stuck for ages in traffic. Getting the train means you can all have a drink, you don’t have to think about parking and you get a first look at what everyone else’s is wearing. Wins all round.

Going for races day Champagne breakfast

A races breakfast sets you up for the big day ahead and it’s a chance to stretch things out an extra couple of hours and make a full day of it. You can meet all your mates, have a few glasses of fizz and get in the mood. Yes, you’ll regret those extra hours on your feet later, but it’s 10am and you look fabulous so why wouldn’t you?

Taking the half-drunk bottles on the coach

Listen, you’ve paid for that Champagne and now the coach to Aintree is leaving, so obviously you’re going to take it along for the ride. Like your nan always said, waste not, want not …

Realising you should have found a coat to match that dress/shoes/bag

We swear, Aintree has its own micro-climate and as soon as you get onto the course and discover it’s about 10 degrees colder than in the city centre you know you should have worn a coat, but honestly – who covers up an outfit they’ve been putting together since January? Good job you’ve got the Champagne to keep you warm.

Trying to avoid going flying in front of the paps

Some of the national newspaper photographers love to snap women wobbling on their heels or falling over, especially after a few weather-essential glasses of something. They stand waiting at the bottom of the hill so it pays to hold on tight and watch every step or you’ll end up with a fate worse than death … Mail Online.

The joy of flip flops

Nothing, literally nothing, feels as good as taking off your heels at the end of the races and putting on the free Merseyrail flip flops for the walk back to the train or the coach. Girls, if you can find a man who makes you this happy, marry him.

Having a massive sing-song on the train home

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t won a penny, you’re still standing, your feet are nowhere near as agony as they were and miraculously, even though you’ve yelled yourself croaky cheering on your horses, you suddenly have a voice like Mariah (if she’d been shouting for five hours straight). Central station sing-songs are the stuff of Aintree legend – when the racing stops, the party’s just starting.

Waking up on Sunday morning and looking forward to next year

Doesn’t everyone? And next year’s dates are in and the events take space at Aintree Racecourse from Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 April 2022 and you can register your interest for tickets here.



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