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11 things we love about Manchester


Our two cities have a long history of rivalry, specifically when it comes to footy, but our northern roots are more intrinsically linked than people think and when someone or something threatens either one of us, we instinctively unite.

Following the horrific attack on Manchester Arena on Monday, communities around the north west have joined forces to offer help, support, love and prayers to all those affected by the atrocity. From fundraising campaigns to cabbies offering free lifts home and local residents offering beds and cups of tea to those in need, Manchester has been at the focus of our hearts.

For lots of us, Manchester Arena or The Trafford Centre may be the only parts of the city we know well, but there’s so much more that we love about this Northern Power House of a city. Here’s 11 things we love about Manchester.

1 – Manchester gave us Oasis

Manchester gave us 90’s rock band Oasis and the warring Gallagher brothers. Always spoiling for a fight yet also penning and performing some of the most iconic songs of the last 26 years, you can’t not like them.

2 – The Arndale & The Trafford Centre

Shopping in Manchester is awesome. The city centre itself is a cool place to shop, wander, grab a coffee, people watch etc and of course who doesn’t love a little trip to The Trafford? Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary next year, it houses cinemas, restaurants, shops and even a bit of Lego! It’s a firm favourite for those in the north.

3 – The Cat Cafe

Photo Credit: The Cat Cafe Facebook

What could possibly make going out for coffee better? How about loads of cats? Yep you heard us right, Manchester has its very own cat café where you can pet the resident felines while enjoying a brew. How cute is Stanley, above?

4 – Northern Soul

Northern soul is associated with particular dance styles and fashions that grew out of the underground rhythm & soul scene of the late 1960s at venues such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. Check out those moves man! YouTube Video Credit: D Mander

5 –  Epic Christmas Markets

Photo Credit: Manchester Christmas Markets Facebook

There’s no doubt that Manchester’s annual Christmas Markets are awesome, a brilliant atmosphere, the smell of mulled wine and the best meeting place in the city during the festive period….under the giant, lit-up Santa!

6 – The Manc Sense of Humour

From the big-headed Frank Sidebottom to the late, great Caroline Ahearne, Manchester has long been a breeding ground for naturally hilarious people to hone their comedy craft. They can take it, and give it back ten fold!

7 – Wall to Wall Culture

Photo Credit: instagram.com/qubekmanchester/

Manchester puts some of its best artwork on the city walls, bridges and public spaces for all to enjoy and alongside dozens of museums, galleries and installations, there’s something interesting to look at around every corner.

8 – Working Class and Proud

What Brookside is to Liverpool, Shameless is to Manchester and what links the two together how proud we are of our working class roots, our community spirit, and as Frank says himself, the ability to throw a damn good paaaarty!

9 – Buzzing since the 1800’s

Photo Credit: Wybone.co.uk

Manchester city has always been a hive of activity and if you didn’t already know, one of the city’s most famous symbols is the worker bee. From the beehive mills to the gothic town hall, you’ll find these striped logos of strength all around the city.

10 – In a word….Corrie

Photo Credit: Official Coronation Street Facebook

The story lines! The Rovers…..those world famous cobbles….and yes that’s an image of David Platt in the shower! The enigma that is Corrie put Granada Studios on the map all those years ago, and we’ve been glued to our telly boxes ever since.

11 – The People

What the last few days has shown us, more than ever before, is the strength and compassion of the people of Manchester. News reports showing footage of youngsters giving out free hugs on the city streets, thousands attending vigils and laying flowers in memory of those who lost their lives on Monday night and queues around the block at local blood banks. Manchester locals are as comfortable courting the worlds media, Olympians and Royalty as they are sticking the kettle on and making a brew with Jean across the road!

Manchester, we salute you x

We’re sending our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the terror attack on Monday, we #StandTogether in unity.



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