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12 Random Acts of Kindness to do right now..

6 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

12 Random Acts of Kindness to do right now..

We think you’ll agree the past couple of days have been pretty intense. Our thoughts are with everyone involved in Monday’s tragedy at Manchester Arena, seeing the faces of the victims and hearing the stories that are now coming out about the night’s event is just horrendous. 

What we have seen across the UK, here in Liverpool and of course in Manchester during the past 24 hours has been incredible, two city’s have stood together, and the message now is to continue standing together, and standing strong.

But what can you do right now to maybe help someone else, or just show that extra bit of kindness during a week of uncertainty? Here are 12 random acts of kindness you can do today.

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  1. Remind yourself that everyone is fighting their own struggles.


The kindest thing you can do is emphasise with others, so many of us have our own struggles and pains that we view everyone else’s as irrelevant or insignificant. Some people have broader shoulders, some struggle more. We can all start to empathize with others and understand their struggles, even if they fade in comparison to your own.

  1. Don’t write the angry internet comment you’re thinking of writing

kindness - be nice

So often the thing that angers us most is a passive aggressive comment underneath a Facebook post. Be it under the comment section of a local newspaper or the local supermarket, bear in mind that your negative comments while they may help you vent, they only serve to increase the negative things that we already see on a daily basis.


  1. Email someone who made a difference in your life.


This may feel awkward, but let’s be honest – If you were a teacher, old friend or helper and you received a message from someone you had invested time into – You would be made up wouldn’t you?

  1. Answer that text or email that you have been putting off


I am the worst for this. I get a text and then think “Ill reply to that when I have a second” – Well yeah, find a second and reply to that person who you have kept waiting for about 2 weeks.


  1. Praise an employee to their boss

Anyone who works in retail or in tourism knows the true value of a name being mentioned in a trip advisor review. If you can remember a recent place you have visited and an employee who has done their job right, you won’t believe how much you will help that person by telling their boss the value of their employee.


  1. Make plans with that person you’ve been putting off seeing.

kindness - friends

Yeah sure, we will have to meet up soon it’s been ages hasn’t it?” – Yeah it has. 3 years has passed and you still haven’t got around to arranging that afternoon catch up. Even if its awkward broaching the subject, most of us can easily find time in our weekly routine – Drop them a message and finally sort out the meet up. Odds are you won’t regret it at all.


  1. Forgive.


Are you holding on to bitterness in your heart for an ex, friend or family member. Just drop it. That person may not even be aware you exist anymore and you are hurting yourself by holding onto anger. Only you can get rid of an old grudge.


  1. Tweet compliment to 5 people who follow you on Twitter.

kindness twitter

It doesn’t have to be a soppy over-dramatic post about how much you love that person even though you barely know them – Just compliment them on their opinion or just tell them that you are glad they are doing well. A nice tweet can really lift a mood.


  1. Be kind to that annoying person on Facebook.

You know the person who is horribly over indulgent, share to much personal stuff and is basically crying out for help? Yeah.. They are crying out for help. Why not give them some help and comment something nice underneath one of their horribly dull Facebook posts?


  1. Tell someone that you overheard a compliment about them recently.

In work places we permanently hear the office gossip, who has done what wrong and who is seeing who. Have you heard anything positive about a work mate? Tell them. There is something nice about hearing second hand compliments that someone was saying about you when you wasn’t even around.


  1. Be encouraging!

kindness - compliment

You know them people who permanently share positive and inspirational Facebook posts? Maybe some of them are just fishing for likes.. Maybe some of them are fed up with the overbearing negativity we see daily and are trying to encourage others to think positively. Regardless, find your way of making people smile online and keep at it. Even if the moaners moan, at least you are being a help to someone in the easiest of ways.


  1. Stop for a second and be kind to yourself.


So often we pile so much pressure on ourselves. We feel like the bad guy and we always find ourselves self-hating. Remember the areas of your life that are going well, the things you have overcame and the people that you know and love – Stop for a second and be kind to yourself instead of all the self-doubt. Above everything, if you are happy, you will find that you will make others around you happy just with your presence. Give it a try – we could all do with that extra bit of kindness right now.

By Dale Roberts

Follow Dale on Twitter here



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