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13 Ways to Scare The Crap Out of Yourself in Liverpool This Halloween

7 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

13 Ways to Scare The Crap Out of Yourself in Liverpool This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, one of our favourite events of the year, and 2016 is set to be one of the most hair raising yet! There are tonnes of family friendly, club nights and even puppy parades for everyone to get involved in, but we want you to get a proper Halloween experience!


Here’s our top 13 ways to seriously scare the crap out of yourself in Liverpool this Halloween. That’s if you’re brave enough?!

1 – Farmageddon

10 Whole years Farmageddon has been frightening the life out of us and year on year it still manages to go one step further. We think its best left to our very own Mark Byron to show you what you’re in for this year! Tickets available here.


2 – The Original and Best: Shiverpool


Have you heard Liverpool’s oldest ghost story? Have you heard it in the dead of night in a dark cemetery? Thought not! Get yourself booked onto the Hope Street Shivers tour which takes in the Cathedral Quarter of the city. Steeped in history and with a few famous undead characters along the way, Hope Street looks and feels completely different in the dark. The tour ends in St James Cemetery where its said something sinister has lurked beneath the shadows for over 100 years…… just don’t look over your shoulder. Tours are running throughout October, get your tickets here


3 – The Blackpool Tower Dungeon: The Home of Halloween

Just an hours drive away The Blackpool Tower Dungeon has launched its most gripping show to date, with The Home Of Halloween taking inspiration from the Festival of Souls for an unforgettable experience. The Home of Halloween, will see scarecrows run amok in the depths of the iconic Blackpool Tower Dungeon as ‘Stingy Jack’ guides his visitors through 700 years of history, opening the gates of the ghosts and ghouls of the Fylde. As the barrier between worlds prepares to open, frightfully funny fiends, lost legends and forgotten fables descend upon the Dungeon for this unique experience perfect for those looking for scary fun Halloween entertainment. The sixty-minute show includes a unique walk-through experience with special effects, a thrilling drop ride, and a theatrical cast who get up close and personal with the audience. Don’t forget to finish your journey with a drink at the Hangman’s Tavern to calm the nerves. Watch out for jumps, screams and spine-chilling fun presented in The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. https://More info and tickets available here.



4 – Only the Unshakeable Need Apply: Awakening Pure Evil: Made Warehouse

Are you and your friends looking for something really scary this Halloween? As the barriers between dimensions collapse, the cruel, evil forces of darkness claw and gnarl their way into our reality to feast upon mankind. OMG….it gets worse! Suffering from an insatiable hunger for human flesh and an unquenchable thirst for blood, they have ripped open a gateway that merges their World with ours in a warehouse on Liverpool’s North Dock, mere footsteps away from the iconic former home of the Heritage Market. This is a NIGHTMARE of your darkest fears. If you really want to put yourself through this, get your tickets here.


5 – Old Skool horror at Picture house, FACT


Take your seats in the dark and try not to launch your popcorn through not one cult horror film….but two! The Omen and The Mummy (the original, good version) will be on screen over Halloween weekend if you’re brave enough to sit through almost three hours of gripping black and white, legendary cinema. If that’s a bit too much they’re also showing Hotel Transylvania for the kids! Show times and tickets available here.


6 – Bring on the scary Violins: Psycho at The Phil


The sinister motel, that strange young man, the raw terror that lurks behind the shower-curtain – there’s never been a thriller quite as terrifying as Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho… and there’s never been a film score quite like Bernard Herrmann’s to accompany it! So this Halloween, what better way to give yourself the fright of your life than with this big-screen showing at the Phil. Prepare to feel the sound of those stabbing violins! Get your tickets here.


7 – Chilling Chambers: The Chambers of Horrors at St George’s Hall


Inspired by a century of horror genres such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Hammer Horror and Devil’s Rejects, you’re invited to take a journey through the darkest parts of St George’s Hall.  At the dead of night you will encounter those who walk between this world and the next as Liverpool’s most imposing building hosts those who have returned to cause havoc and destruction. Even the photo’s for this Halloween horror give us the creeps. All the info and tickets available here.


8 – Spooky World, Warrington – More than just a Farm


Spooky World, Warrington may just look like a farm to you, but how wrong can you be. Once you cross that bridge its hell. 2016 brings you a new and improved scare park which you will hold in your memory forever. There are 4 horrifying attractions to explore including Field of Screams, CarnEvil, The Haunted House and our personal favourite Slaughter House. Decent trainees at the ready!! Buy your tickets for Spooky World here.


9 – Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital Ghost Hunt 


Fancy spending the night in one of the most haunted locations in the city, even the words ‘abandoned hospital’ make our bums squeak? Where will you hide in this former asylum, the main floors, the stairwells, toilets or side offices?  Will you venture across the sky-bridge into the old administration block, or down to the loading bay.  Is anywhere safe….? A terrifying place of sorrow, fear and much emotion who knows what will happen during the night of your stay. Dusk till Dawn Events provide you with the ghost hunting equipment and vigils through the night. How long could you last? More info and tickets available here.


10 – Liverpool Cathedral: The Tower Experience


Billed as a historical tour, we can’t help think the Tower Experience has got the potential to be a bit scary! If you’re afraid of heights, taking to the roof at night will be enough to get your heart racing but add in the enormous, shadow-filled Vesty bell tower and the creepy 108 stair climb to reach it and you might just begin to grip the handrails a bit tighter. And the worst bit is, you have to come down the same way! Leave the Zombies to the kids and take on a real challenge. Book your tour slot for after dark to up the ante. Tickets and more info available here.


11 – Run the Gauntlet: St James Cemetery

St James Cemetry - The Guide Liverpool

If the sheer height and spooky setting isn’t doing it for you, we dare you to take in St James Gardens, the cemetery that houses 58,000 souls and surrounds the Gothic Cathedral itself. Walking through the tunnel of headstones in the dark is enough to freak us right out! It’s free to enter but watch you don’t get locked in, who knows if you’d make it back out!


12 – You Can Run but Not Hide: Darkstar Zombie Laser Tag


Darkstar Laser Tag, in St Helen’s has been placed under Quarantine this Halloween as the Zombies have officially moved in. Talk about adding a terrifying element to your usual game of tag! You’re invited to venture into the darkest recesses of the Darkstar to pit yourself against the evil within. Will you dare to enter the interactive horror arena? Check out their website for advanced tickets here.


13- Fancy a spooky Halloween feast at the Floral? The Haunting of Sarah Taylor


Devastated by the disappearance of her child, Sarah decides to move in with her reclusive brother Nelson. But following a series of disturbing events at her brother’s house, Sarah begins to suspect that there is malevolent force at work. To her horror, Sarah becomes the play thing for a very evil entity. This immersive theatrical dining experience is performed between three courses of chef’s most haunted Halloween cuisine. For more info and tickets click here.


Whatever you get up to, promise us that you’ll totally man/woman up and go all out to frighten the life out of yourselves!  Tweet us your Halloween horror pics @TheGuideLpool so we can have a laugh at them too! 




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