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5 Reasons to be excited about the Echo Arena’s Harry Potter Film Concert


If you’re a massive Harry Potter fan like me, you’ll be buzzing to hear that the Harry Potter Film Concert Series is coming to the city in May next year.

The Echo Arena will play host to the show, which will feature a live symphony orchestra that will perform music while Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone plays on a big screen.

If your struggling to persuade your boyfriend, girlfriend or just your friend to go and watch the show, tell them to read our 5 reasons to go and see the Harry Potter Film Concert Series.

1 – It’s a chance to watch the 1st film all over again


The Philosopher’s Stone is where all the magic began and despite watching it 100 times, we know you’ll say yes to watching it again. Watch Harry meet Ron and Hermione, be introduced to the Wizarding World and realise that he’s a hero for standing up to Lord Voldemort and being the boy who lived.


2 – Experience a live orchestra


Whilst watching the film, you will experience a symphony orchestra performing music to the movie, which will make it come more to life. The orchestra will play John Williams’ score and he is the man who composed the soundtracks for the first three films. Its’ the first time in the UK that the audience can enjoy this experience so you won’t want to miss out!


3 – It’s a replacement for missing out on the Cursed Child

When the tickets came out for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, they sold like gold dust but this show is the next best thing. You don’t need to catch a train to London, just jump on a bus to town and despite the lucky ones getting to see J.K. Rowling’s new story, you’ll get to watch the Author’s first and most iconic story all over again.


4 – Your ticket could be an early Christmas present

Liverpool 2015

If you’re anything like me and you never know what you want for Christmas, this could be the perfect present. Yeah, I know it’s only August but it’ll save you from getting yet another pair of socks or a bath set you’ll never use. So go on, ring your mum and tell her to add it to your Christmas list.


5 – It’s a chance to carry on the magic


The last film might have been released back in 2011 but that doesn’t mean the magic should stop. We’ve recently had the Cursed Child and the spin off, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them will be released in November this year and now we’ve got the show to look forward too. Just when you think Harry’s had enough, the adventure starts all over again!


Tickets for the Harry Potter Film Concert Series go on general sale on August 24th, with the pre-sale being on August 22nd. Tickets are priced £25-£65 and can be bought on www.Ticketmaster.co.uk or www.echoarena.com.



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