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5 Reasons why you NEED to visit The Bar That Stole Christmas on Seel Street


The Bar That Stole Christmas has transformed the Collective into a festive extravaganza and it’s here until the start of January.

The concept promises to bring the magic of Christmas to Seel Street and is a Scouser’s answer to a late-night grotto with more than a few cheeky nods to some of Liverpool’s colourful residents.

Serving up a whole host of Christmas classics to wash down a mince pie with, expect to experience something Seel Street has never seen before… a proper festive disc-ho-ho-ho!!

Here are five reasons why you need to visit The Bar That Stole Christmas this festive season

1. There’s only 3 weeks left before it’s gone!

Hosting a ‘Christmas is cancelled’ party on 5th January, The Bar That Stole Christmas has taken Seel Street by storm this year and this short-lived pop up has brought Christmas cheer by the sack load to Seel Street. As the first Independent business to call ‘Collective’ home, expect to see a plethora of businesses emerge from this new Seel Street venture as it will eventually house 5 different venues!


2. Enjoy the most Christmasy of Christmas cocktails

Ever wondered what A Fairy Tale of New York would taste like? Or what a shot of Turboman does? Taking inspiration from everything Christmas, their cocktail menu is a real festive extravaganza. Maybe a Sleigh Bellini or a Proper Crimbo is more your thing, but there’s only one way to find out….

3. Grinch Mondays

Even the most battle-hardened Christmas aficionados can be overloaded with the sound of sleigh bells and Noddy Holder. This is why every Monday, The Bar That Stole Christmas promises not to play a single Christmas song…and if they do… you get a free shot!

4. They serve up tasty mulled wine

Unsurprisingly, The Bar That Stole Christmas has one HELL of a mulled wine and warm cider recipe that’s been warming up everyone through the coldest weeks of the year. With a few secret ingredients, we think this is probably what we’re going to miss the most when this festive pop up disappears faster than father Christmas up the chimney!

5. It must be happy hour every hour!

For those who have been in to experience it, their prices are some of the cheapest in town. It must be their early Christmas present to the people of Liverpool but with £3.50 pints, 2 cocktails for £10, a pint and a shot for £5 and 10% off with a Christmas jumper at all times, we can’t think of any better place to spend all your Christmas money this year!

Throwing some HUGE parties between now and their closing date on 5th Jan, be sure to check out The Bar That Stole Christmas at Collective and see what all the fuss is about.

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