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5 Reasons why you should register to vote

6 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

5 Reasons why you should register to vote

Here at The Guide Liverpool we bring you all of the fun, fresh, exiting things that our amazing city has to offer and usually politics doesn’t come under those headings for us.

However, with the 2017 ‘snap’ election fast approaching we want to encourage everyone to register and use their vote. With Jeremy Corbyn, Threasa May & Tim Farron all visiting the Merseyside area in the last month we know they are interested in how we vote.
You have until 23:59 TONIGHT to register and here are 5 reasons why we think you should:

1. It’s REALLY easy

Registering to vote is so easy peasy you can do it whilst your waiting for the bus, coming round from your mid day siesta or even when your on the loo (we know you use your phone there!) it takes 5 speedy minutes to fill in your details and get onto the official electoral register. Feeling lazy on 8th June? You can register to vote by proxy or have a postal vote. Simple!

2. You are giving YOUR generation a voice

18-25 year olds actually hold the most influence in this general election: if every single one of them votes we would see a whole broader spectrum of what the uk actually wants. More than 70% of over 65s turn out to vote; when compared to the 44% of 18-24 year olds it’s shocking to see how the younger generations vote isn’t being heard. Get out there and make YOUR mark!

3. Being on the Electoral Roll HELPS your finances

Want a new phone contract? Or a car on finance? Moving into your own place? You need a credit score and being on the electoral roll is a huge help. It proves that you exist where you say you do and it makes getting credit a whole lot easier.

4. Democracy SHOULDN’T be taken for granted

Fair enough, you may feel as though your vote won’t make a difference BUT you should still use it as there are people all over the world who would love the privilege of doing so! We all know of the struggles of the suffragettes so all you ladies out there, think of what Emmeline Pankhurst would say if you wasted your opportunity.

5. The MP you vote for is there to help YOUR local community

Your MP is a direct voice, speaking up for you in the House of Commons. Their job is to fight for the values that your community are passionate about, so whether it’s issues related to local healthcare cuts or passing a new law they always have your local area in mind. You can actually email, call or arrange a visit with your MP to discuss what you want them to help with.
There are lots of other excellent reasons to register to vote but we won’t lecture you with them all; instead take the time to actually register! You have until 23:59 TONIGHT to do so HERE>>>


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