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5 Scouse tweets that summed up the weekend in Liverpool


It’s Monday morning, its the last week of September and as expected, it’s raining.

Luckily you’ve got us happy souls! We’re up early, annoyingly positive and determined to bring a smile to your glum, Monday face. There were some epic club nights, freshers parties, theatre performances and more throughout the weekend and we’ve scoured the interweb to bring you a little reminder. So turn that frown upside down and crack a smile at these.

Here’s 5 Scouse tweets that will a smile on your Monday commute…..

1 – Super Merseyside World

We love a little day out in Southport, West Kirby, New Brighton etc but we’ve never seen the Merseyrail Network look like this before! Can’t wait to rescue Princess Peach from Fort Perch Rock and slide down the flag pole at the end! Well played Tom German!

2 – St Johns Beacon got knotted

How awesome is this? @LiverWool is planning to recreate the city with into all things knotty and Bogi Szabo made a start with St Johns Beacon! Are you a wiz with a set of knitting needles and fancy taking on a city landmark? Follow @LiverWool2017 on Twitter and get involved.

3 – Autumn arrived in Liverpool

We all know the city is a bit of a stunner, but never more so than in Autumn. Liverpool photographer, Dave Wood captured this gorgeous image from St James’ Cemetery at the weekend, and we reckon its a corker. Send us your Autumn pics @TheGuideLpool and we’ll share the best on our socials.

5 – Lee Butler made us all honorary DJ’s

Our very own DJ Grey Waffle threw us all the chance of a lifetime at the weekend, to join the ranks of the top city DJ’s. Lee Butler got a hilarious response to this call out, what’s yours? DJ White Crumpet on the ones and twos here!

5 – We relived summer days from the 80’s

We were gutted when the Great Baltic Water Fight had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but it got us thinking about summer fun back in the day. This tweet started off in the East Midlands but quickly stirred up memories here on Merseyside. Who else couldn’t afford one of those big supersoakers but had a ball soaking their mates with one of these bad boys? Council estate or not, this was what 80’s summers were made of!

Have you seen a cracking tweet that’s made you LOL this weekend? Send it our way, tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us [email protected] and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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