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6 Reasons to commute with Merseyrail in 2019 & Save


New Year, new daily commute that costs less than a cup of coffee.

Getting back into the swing of things in January can be a bit of a slog, but your daily commute shouldn’t be. Dodge the inevitable road works, traffic jams and car park woes and get to work on time, every time with Merseyrail. With services running every 15 minutes and with 68 local stations on the network, you can get to and from work in comfort without breaking the bank.

Even better than dodging the traffic, on Merseyrail you can travel from just £1.91 per day with a monthly Railpass. Singles and return tickets are also really affordable, but if you’re travelling regularly you can save even more on your daily commute.

As one of the best performing train operators in the country, 95% of Merseyrail trains arrive on time, affording you the luxury of reading a book, the morning paper or catching up on your social media scrolling, while you travel.

Here’s 6 reasons to commute with Merseyrail in 2019….

1 – Traffic, Cones & 50mph Zones

Take the train with Merseyrail and avoid the inevitable road works that plague your journey to work.

2 – Green Light

We’ve all been there, rushing to work and there’s nothing but red lights all along the way. Avoid the traffic lights and jump on the train instead.

3 – On Time, Every Time

Merseyrail trains every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm, so you wont get left at the station.

4 – Me Time

Travelling by train with Merseyrail gives you more time to relax. Catch up on your social media, lose yourself in a book or get your favourite play list on to start or end your day.

5 – More Miles for your Money

Daily travel from just £1.91 with a monthly Railpass*, which is less than the price of a cup of coffee!

6 – Free Parking

There’s free car parking at 42 Merseyrail stations meaning your quids in on your commute.

If you travel regularly, a Railpass could help you save even more. Available as a weekly, monthly or annual ticket, this one handy pass cancels out fuel and parking costs, and could save you a small fortune. For example, swapping a Chester to Liverpool commute from car to train could save you over £1,300 per year!***

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You can check the price of a Railpass for your journey with the Merseyrail quick calculator here.

So why not trial the train with today? Head to www.merseyrail.org to find your nearest station, check train times and plan your commute with Merseyrail. Follow @merseyrail on Twitter for live updates and news. 

* Based on the price of a 1 zone monthly Railpass and use 363 days a year.
**Based on the cost of an All Zone Annual Railpass compared to driving 54.6 miles 240 times a year at the average price per mile for a 2000cc engine stated on www.gov.uk.


*This is a sponsored piece of content.


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