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6 Things we all learned from a night without Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp


First of all, since when has it been known as the Facebook Family?

On Wednesday 13th March 2019 there was US and European wide technology chaos as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp temporarily crashed. The modern world as we know it came to a standstill. Digital silence. With Twitter as our only ally, we frantically searched for answers, refreshing apps by the second, restarting our phones and reinstalling apps to no avail. It was a scary time for us all.

Here’s 6 things we learned from the Facebook Family crash of 2019…

1 – Thank God for Twitter

Okay so it might be bursting with Brexshit chat right now, but you can always rely on Twitter to spread the word when something affects the masses. Banking hack, Trump news, celeb spat, Instagram down, get to Twitter.

2 – Persistency

How many times did you try to refresh your Instagram feed? How fuming were you trying to upload a boss vid or pic to your Instastory? If it’s less than a million, you may as well delete the app.

3 – Munich, Smashed It Mate

Half the city didn’t even notice anything had happened until half time at the Bayern Munich V Liverpool Champions League game when fans went to update their socials with the score and phenomenal atmosphere. Lets face it, we’d have waited all night to see those away fans having an absolute ball. Is right the red men!

4 – Swiper No Swiping

Any else swap Instagram for Tinder to pass the time? Anyone score a date? Should we be buying hats or what?

5 – Brexit – Ya Wha?

We even resorted to scrolling through the million #Brexit tweets on Twitter to try and understand wtf is going on with our once magnificent country. Half an hour later, we were still none the wiser and opened the weather app to see how hot it is in Australia instead.

6 – Oh Whatsapp

We’ve woken up to group chat chaos this morning. Pictures, videos and voice notes that make absolutely no sense have flooded in out of sync. Officially our favourite messaging app, WhatsApp also went into temporary meltdown and wouldn’t let us upload/download the minute details of our lives to our nearest and dearest…..for hours! Oh god it was scary for a while there.

It’s important to note that no one, we repeat, no one got up off the couch, put on appropriate clothing and travelled to see friends and family during the Facebook family crash. The vast majority just surfed Netflix, tried to refresh the apps every three minutes or made food instead. It’s a time we will remember fondly.

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What one app could you not live without? Which app has you swiping, tapping or clicking for hours? Drop us a line on Twitter with your fave and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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