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7 things we are missing about Liverpool theatres


Whether it’s spectacular touring musical at Liverpool Empire, upcoming talent at the Unity, a homegrown thriller at the Playhouse, a rock n’roll Panto at the Everyman, a good old Scouse comedy at the Royal Court or a Christmas fairytale at Theatre Royal – we are all missing theatre in Liverpool!

The rush of legging it to the bar and the toilets at the interval, the hush as the curtains rise and the adrenaline rush of trying to book tickets on release day – remember the theatre?

Royal Court

It’s been a year since we went into lockdown and theatres closed their doors, and in that time, we’ve realised just how important they are to us. Sadly many are still struggling, and MPs are calling for Government funding to get to arts and culture bodies shut in the pandemic, while “there are still organisations left to support”.

Some of our favourite theatre spaces in the city have been streaming their shows, and of course we had the hugely successful Liverpool Theatre Festival at the Bombed out Church which is set for a return. But we can’t wait for the curtains to lift again at Liverpool’s incredible theatres. Here’s what we’re missing most:

1. The escapism

After a year of relentlessly watching TV on our sofas, one of the main things we’re looking forward to is the immersive experience of seeing people act things out in real life.

There are no distractions when you’re at the theatre, your phone is off, and you can get completely lost in the story.

Unity Theatre

2. The creativity

When you think about all the different elements that go into putting on a theatre show, it’s no surprise we find them so enthralling. From the intricate sets and costumes, to the orchestra and the acting, it’s a real thrill to watch so much creative talent come together for one evening.

Even if you’re not a ‘theatre person’, most people can appreciate the incredible detail and skill that goes into each live performance.

Pic. Pete Carr

3. Dates at the theatre

Whether you’re planning to meet up with an old friend, or a partner surprises you with tickets to a new show, the theatre always feels like an extra special plan in the diary. We’ve done so many park dates now, we’re getting excited at the thought of being able to spend time with friends and loved ones in a different way.

4. Learning something new

Theatre isn’t just singing and dancing. It’s a form of storytelling, and helps us see life from different perspectives, often in a way we might not have otherwise connected with.

Deeper messages bubbling beneath the drama constructively challenge our views and motivations, and even drive social change.

5. Being around other people

Not only does theatre combine art, music and storytelling, but there’s something incredible about experiencing a show en masse.

Squeezing into your seat amongst the chatter of other people is a human experience many of us are craving after spending so much time alone.

6. The opportunity to get dressed up

Right from the day you book your ticket, planning your outfit is a big part of going to the theatre.

It’s the one place you can wear formal dress and not feel out of place, and we’re excited to have an excuse to put on one of the many outfits we’ve ordered in anticipation of restrictions lifting.

7. The unpredictability

The theatre has an edge over TV because it’s happening live, right in front of you. Anything could happen at any moment, and that’s pretty thrilling.

When you’re watching a show, your heart can be in your throat throughout the entire performance, and you’re rooting for the actors to nail their lines and hit their notes.

Whether it’s a fringe play or a West End musical, seeing a truly great piece of theatre feels like being in the right place at the the right time – and that’s an incredible feeling no night of TV bingeing could replicate.

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