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A new competition in Liverpool is looking for people to come up with unique designs for face coverings


A brand new competition has been launched to bring a bit of creative flair to the latest fashion trend – face coverings!

The ongoing health pandemic has meant that everyone (unless medically exempt) should wear a face covering when they’re out and about to keep themselves, and those around them safe – especially if social distancing isn’t possible.

Liverpool residents aged from 14-25 years are being asked to come up with a unique design to transform this functional accessory, and the winning designs will be printed on to hundreds of limited edition coverings which will be handed out to people across the city. And to top it off, the winners will also receive £200 each.

The competition will be split in to two categories – 14-17 year olds and 18-25 year olds – and there will be two winners from each age range.

Full details of how to take part can be found here and the deadline for entries is midday Friday 2 October 2020.

All submissions will go before a judging panel which includes Liverpool artists Kiara Mohammed and TEE, a representative from the city council’s public health department and the Open Culture team which connects artists and audiences.

The competition is being run by Liverpool City Council in partnership with COoL – the Creative Organisations of Liverpool – and Open Culture.

TEE said:

“In this day and age where it’s important to stand for what we believe in, break the mould and to be unapologetic with one’s art. I think there is a massive scope of individualism, meaning and expression. I’m excited to see where the artist’s pull their inspiration from and how they can transform a “must-wear” into a “must-have” accessory!”

Liverpool’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Councillor Paul Brant, said:

“As face coverings are now mandatory in shops and on public transport they have become a must-have fashion item – and if there’s one thing scousers know about, it’s fashion.

“There is a huge pool of creative talent in this city and it makes sense to tap in to this in order to create unique face coverings that not only look good but also mean people are playing their part in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

“There are no limits as to how creative people can be, so it will be fascinating to see the diversity and scope of the original artwork submitted which will then be transformed in to the must-wear, sustainable accessory of the season!”

See all of the details here.

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