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A new state of the art football skills arena is launching in Liverpool this summer


A new football skills arena dedicated to the science and technology behind football has re-opened again and is set to officially launch in Liverpool this summer after its original opening was stalled by the Pandemic.

Described as a centre of excellence by professional football coaches, the initiative is a collaboration of grass roots level football and state of the art global technology.

Located in Walton, between Anfield and Goodison, Fun1stFootball is the city’s first skills arena houses pioneering training equipment to improve a player’s performance in a fun and exciting environment.

Credit: Mark Reeson

Director Alex Tunstall explained:

“The arena provides 10 specialist training stations developed to increase an individual’s technical ability. The main focus is football, and the arena is open to families and individuals 7 days a week to train or just have a bit of family fun.

The staff at Fun1stFootball also work with everyone from major professional clubs and academies, to training centres and large companies. Our aim is to allow players to get more touches of the ball in less time, accelerating their development in the game’s core attributes.”

To date, similar equipment has been adopted worldwide across 6 continents.

This includes ‘ESA’ products that utilise state-of-the-art LED light and vibration technology, based around the mantra of repetition.

The arena will also provide the opportunity to train using a TOCA machine and Smart Goals which are the leading industry tools to improve a player’s first touch.

Alex added: “Young people used to practice footy in the streets but you no longer see this. Our training centre will fill that gap and help them better prepare for the competitive field of play if that’s their aim.

Once again, it’s also a great family and, community initiative and there’s been a great deal of anticipation around our official launch this summer from within our local premier league clubs as well as Merseyside’s amateur leagues…believed to be the largest regionally in the UK.

“Football’s a bit of an obsession here isn’t it so it makes so much sense to have this centre and we’re made up to be back.”

You can find out more about the other training stations here.

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