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A Vegan’s Guide to Liverpool: Eating out, weekly shop, takeaway and more.


Veganism has arguably never been such a hot topic, with a 360% increase in people partaking in the diet in the last 10 years, in the UK alone.

Many people won’t know that there is more to being vegan than just following the plant-based diet; it’s a way of life. Veganism is a life that involves zero animal products. No meat, no dairy, no leather, no gelatin, no toiletries or cosmetics that contain, or have been tested on, animals.

If you’re thinking “Wow! Forget that!” WAIT! Go Vegan World is coming to Liverpool to help show you just how beneficial the choice can be. 

Go Vegan World is a groundbreaking animal rights campaign; the largest, and longest, in the world!

And, for the first time, we welcome this unique poster campaign to Liverpool. Although this campaign is aimed those who aren’t already knee deep in the diet, we thought that we’d show you how our city is already doing it off it’s own back. Whether you dabble or live by it, here is our Vegan’s guide to Liverpool.

Eating Out

Where do I start? Liverpool is a hub of vegan eateries, of all kinds. For an Indian with a twist, head straight to Bold Street’s Mowgli. They have separate menus for vegans, meat eaters and even the gluten-free contingent. Mowgli has proved so popular that we have a brand new restaurant on Water Street, so take your pick.

HOST, Hope Street

For something more on the oriental side, Host is your place. Located on Hope Street, and the corner of Falkner Street, this minimalistic Pan-Asian bistro is another with a separate vegan menu. A menu which, might I add, is as gorgeous as it is imaginative. Host is not alone in Liverpool when it comes to this oriental vegan theme, with Basuba, Miyagi and Blind Tiger all offering something vegan friendly.

Maray, Bold Street & Allerton Road

For something more middle-eastern, you can find vegan options at Maray, Bakchich and Kasbah, all on Bold Street.

When looking for somewhere to eat out in the city, many places now offer vegan options of some sort; burgers at BrewDog, breakfast at The Brunch Club or hot dogs at The Old Hardware Shop.

Dietary requirements are becoming more prominent, especially when eating out in large groups, but worry not because, as you can see, Liverpool will cater to your every need.



Yuet-Ben. Yuet-Ben, Yuet-Ben, Yuet-Ben. For a Chinese takeaway look no further than this place. Their vegetarian menu can make anything vegan at a deliciously affordable price.

Although most normal Indian takeaways have vegan friendly parts to their menus, just head to Mowgli, I told you that before didn’t I?!

Pizza is on the list of foods when people say “Oh I couldn’t give that up”. In Liverpool you won’t need to give it up, Maguires Pizza Bar has you covered with a vast choice at, once again, an affordable price.



Coffee shops and cafes are really carrying the torch in the city. F.A.C.T Café, Bold Street Coffee, White Wolf Kitchen, Leaf, Love Thy Neighbour, Green Days – the list is endless, with even your generic coffee shapes doing the job. How? I hear you ask; well, through having an array of different milks. Oat milk at Bold Street Coffee, almond just over the road at Love Thy Neighbour, and Coconut at White Wolf to name but a few.

FACT Cafe Liverpool

These traveller’s rest stops also provide vegan friendly light bites, with the F.A.C.T Café, in particular, offering some interesting nibbles.

Egg Cafe

A special mention goes to the steady-rock of a local business that is the Egg Café. Home-cooked, honest, vegetarian and vegan food. The art on the walls is available to buy, just so you know.


Roast Dinners

As mentioned before, The Egg Café is the place to go for a good vegan roast like Mama never made…

Baltic Social

The Baltic Social offers a nut roast that is a little more expensive, but still retains the home-comfort feel that a roast dinner should have.

The Monro takes it another level up on the ‘fancier’ scale. They offer a beautiful roast that has ‘Birthday Sunday Roast’ written all over it!


Your weekly shop


Matta’s is the place to go. Although not strictly a vegan only market, Matta’s World Foods on Bold Street has everything that you will need to carry out your plant-based diet, plus a few more bits that you had absolutely no idea you needed!

The other is located on Smithdown Road and is known as The Purple Carrot. This little hemp gem is a little out of the way but is well worth a visit. And, when you become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of treats that are actually vegan, you can take a load off in the Purple Carrot Café at the back of the shop. That’s how everyone should shop!



Grand Central’s Hippy Hole is your starting point for guaranteed vegan clothing. The stereotypical view of a vegan is one of a hippy, I’m sure, and, although this is no longer the case, you might still want to indulge yourself in a hemp hoody or two.

Another Bold Street trader, Shared Earth not only has a range of vegan clothing, everything in store is Fair Trade. This jam-packed shop also crams in ornaments, artwork and a range of herbal products for your new vegan lifestyle.


The Extra Bits

Although not a local business, Whitechapel’s Lush is a must for good quality, cruelty free cosmetics. You might not be able to get the scent of this fragrant affair off you for a few weeks after, but it’s worth it knowing that you’ve got great quality, vegan toiletries.

Arbonne is a similar deal to Avon, but for vegans! The whole range is completely vegan and cruelty-free. This innovative start-up is constantly growing, with Merseyside representatives doing a fantastic job at promoting the brand. You might have to dig a little deeper for these products, but you won’t find yourself paying any more than the likes of Clinique, with even more quality.

There’s a lot to be said for the vegan way of life. Whether you invest fully or partially, the health benefits for the person are as lucrative as they are for the planet – a planet that is fast changing; and Liverpool is doing a fantastic job of being the poster boy for these changes!

Go Vegan World can be seen around the city now! www.goveganworld.com



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