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All Scoused out? Don’t worry it’s British Pie Week, here’s 10 quite interesting facts about pies


We’ve had a brilliant run of food appreciation days recently, with the success of the 7th annual Global Scouse Day, we were setting ourselves up for a week of salad, but……hold the lettuce, it’s British Pie Week!

When it comes to traditional British Food we tend to lean towards the comforting, stodgy, winter-warming dishes that bring a sense of home, and pies are the epitome of that. Just down the M62 is Wigan, the ancestral home of pies and not to be outdone, we even topped our city’s signature Scouse with a pastry lid to create the scouse pie!

British Pie Week

Whether you’re a fan of a Homebaked scouse pie at Anfield as part of your pre-match ritual, or your Mum’s homemade apple pie and custard on a Sunday after your roast, or even a good old chippy steak and kidney, pies are truly a British staple food.

Our Alice ran a poll on her Twitter account: @alicemay_sing and more than 900 of you cast a vote for your fave pie filling! She decided to find out more about the humble pie, so here’s 10 quite interesting facts you might not know….about pies.

1 – According to the Oxford English Dictionary there are three main meanings of ‘pie’ as a noun

2 – The World Pie Eating Championship has been held annually in Wigan since 1992

3 – The World Record time for eating a pie is 22.5 seconds – currently held by Martin Clare, who has won the Wolrd Championship three times. Legend!

4 – The Welsh word for pie is ‘pei’…….okaaaay.

5 – The most expensive pie ever sold was from the Fence Gate in Lancashire in November 2015. The pie, filled with Japanese Waguy beef, Chinese matsutake mushrooms and two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine, was sold for a total of £8,915, or £1,024 per slice when sold to eight people. Now that’s a tasty pie!

6 – In 2015 (clearly a good year for pie) the ‘Make wrongly describing a casserole with a pastry lid as a pie a criminal offence’ petition earned 5,687 signatures arguing that a ‘pie’ with a puff pastry lid is not an actual pie, and is in fact a casserole. We’re not having that!

7 – The world’s largest pie was make by catering student from Stratford-Upon-Avon College in April 1998. The weight 10,504kg and measured 9.75m long.

8 – Shakespeare killed two characters by baking them into a pie. Worse ways to go we suppose?

9 – The British Pie Awards are held annually in Melton Mowbray. For the purposes of the Awards a pie is defined as the following: A Pie is deemed o be a filling totally encased in pastry. Stretchy pants for that awards do!

10 – Our Alice’s Twitter poll of 954 people found that meat and potato pie was the favourite with 47% of the votes, with chicken and leek coming in second and cheese and onion a very close third!

We want to know where to get the best pie in Liverpool. Tweet us @TheGuideLpool with the hashtag #BritishPieWeek or email us and we’ll share them on our socials (and more likely go and buy them ourselves too).



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