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As Harry Potter turns 20, we check out the biggest stories of 1997


As the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter launch makes us all feel really old, we take a look at what life was life back in 1997. Warning: You’re about to feel ancient!

JK Rowling burst onto the literary scene in 1997 can captured not only the imagination but also the hearts of readers across the globe. 20 years seems to have flown by and we’ve had a little trip down memory lane back to 1997 to remember the great and good of the late 90’s.

Here’s the top ten biggest stories of 1997……..

1 –  The USA Cloned a Sheep!

Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell and while we all thought she was super cute……20 years on it’s all still a bit weird, isn’t it?

2 –  Princess Diana sadly Died

The nation, actually, the world mourned the loss of our Princess. Killed in a road accident in Paris, we all stood still as the news rippled across the country on that terrible Sunday morning. RIP Princess.

3 – The Teletubbies arrived

Four colourful, cute and totally random little…..aliens turned up on cbbc one morning and like Harry Potter for toddlers, took over the world! Eh-Oh was the catchphrase among parents and pre-schoolers for months.

4 – The Full Monty

Six unemployed fellas from Sheffield (including Robert Carlyle….phwoar) found a better way of paying the bills than hitting the dole queue. 20 years on this is still a belting film! You sexy thang!

5  – David Bowie rocked the Royal Court

Picture Liverpool Echo Archives

The late, great David Bowie was in town in August 1997 and brought his Earthling Tour to the Royal Court, Queen Square. Where you there? Tweet us @TheGuideLpool

6 – Titanic hit our screens

What we’ve learned in 20 years of watching Titanic at least once a year, is that Rose could defo have saved Jack from the icy water if she’d just budged over! We still can’t help but shed a little tear each time it’s on.

7 – Nokia OWNED the mobile market

Believe it or not, hardly anyone had a mobile phone in 1997 and those who did had a Nokia. They weren’t quite bricks, they were indestructible and your top score on snake was all that mattered in life.

8 – Mike Tyson got snap happy

SKY Box Office

This is what we know: There was a big boxing match, Mike Tyson was well up for it, Evander Holyfield was also in the zone, Mike got bored playing by the rules….and bit a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear. The end.

9 – LFC went back to basics

Liverpool chose the 1997-98 season to go with tradition and released a full yellow kit for the first time in ages and 18-year-old Michael Owen looked fit in it! He also scored 18 goals in 36 games that season!

10 – Indie music was KING

Oasis released Be Here Now, Radiohead gave us OK Computer, The Verve offered Urban Hymns and the unforgettable Prodigy battered our ear drums with The Fat of the Land. WHAT a year!

What’s your favourite memory from 1997? Were you even alive then? Did you get your first mobile phone? Or the internet at home? Tweet us your best memories @TheGuideLpool or email us [email protected] and we’ll share the 90’s love on our socials.



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