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Bar manager calls on pubs and clubs to join life-saving scheme to help stab victims


McCooleys bar manager Sarah calls for city pubs and clubs to join life-saving scheme to help stab victims

A leading city bar manager, who was one of the first to install a Knifesavers kit, is calling for other Liverpool hospitality venues to join the life-saving scheme.

Sarah King, manager of McCooleys, said that the kits, which can be used to stop bleeding after a stabbing, help support Liverpool’s reputation as a great city to have a night out, which the vast majority of people enjoy safely. The Knifesavers project was developed by the Major Trauma Centre team at Aintree University Hospital, to provide immediate support before paramedics arrive.

Sarah said that it was important for the hospitality industry, and other organisations, to take all steps to be prepared, putting the safety and care of their customers first.

She said: “Naturally, I never want to have to use the Knifesavers kit, but the fact that our staff are trained in how to use it if they need to is such a benefit.

“The packs have instructions in them, so we keep it where it can be easily seen by all our staff, waitresses, door staff and customers.”

Sarah has worked for the Pub Investment Group for four years. The company, which runs dozens of city centre bars, arranged for a special training day with surgeons, nurses and other staff from the Major Trauma Centre.

Now Sarah and her colleagues are urging other venues to join the scheme and install kits.

She said: “If there was a stabbing then we’re the people who can be there before the paramedics and the ambulance. In those four or five minutes we could save someone’s life.

“We’ve got so many people trained, but anyone can use the packs. Black cab drivers are being trained in a few weeks, which is a huge step. Everyone’s so positive about having been trained and knowing that, if needed, we could potentially save someone’s life.”

The kit includes free training for staff in the venue, although they also come complete with instructions The site also links to the Knifesavers app, which gives people advice on how to stop bleeding after a stabbing, without the need for any training or kits.

Venues can find out more and join Knifesavers by visiting

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