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Bombed-Out Church to host unique view of Liverpool


The Bombed Out Church will celebrate the culmination of a unique art exhibition on 23 November that offers a glimpse of the City through the eyes of people on the fringe of society.

The Echoes of Life exhibition is a collaboration between visitors to the Bombed out Church (St Lukes) and the people from the Liverpool Waves of Hope project who have direct experience of homelessness, addiction, mental ill-health, or the criminal justice system. The work consists of a varied array of writing and paintings. The idea was for people to add any comment they were inspired to create, and comments were made on homelessness, the city, identity, remembrance day, family and more.

Michael, a Waves of Hope writer who has experienced lifelong multiple complexneeds, said:  “In my heart, this is not something I ever imagined doing. But when I went down to the Bombed Out Church I really enjoyed it. It was great to talk to people and that encouraged me to create my own pictures and add my voice to the exhibition.”

The exhibition will launch at 4pm on 23 November with a celebration and appreciation of the work produced. The work will be displayed on the railings of the Bombed out Church until the end of January 2019.

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