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Charity Take Over: 10 ways your donations support The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and it’s patients


It’s The Guide Liverpool’s charity takeover week and today, Monday 5th December is dedicated to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and the phenomenal work it does to support patients and their families battling this unforgiving disease.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is on a journey to transform cancer care by expanding its services, therapies and research into the heart of the population it serves with £157m investment.

Supported by a £15m charity appeal, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will build a brand new, specialist hospital in Liverpool and invest significantly into the Wirral site too.

You might wonder what your fundraising efforts can do to help those receiving treatment and their families?

From supporting vital research and innovations in cancer treatment to providing reclining chairs for families to remain close during treatment, here are 10 things your donations go towards when you support The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.


1 – An MRI scanner to diagnose neurological cancers and to help plan treatment. Cost = £1m

2 – 15 transplant suites for bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Cost = £100,000 per suite.

3 – 30 chemotherapy chairs where patients will receive treatment. Cost = £10,000 per chemotherapy area

4 – A Pet CT scanner to allow clinicians to see cell changes and allow accurate diagnosis. Cost = £1m


5 – 5 linear accelerators to deliver radiotherapy. Cost = £1m each.

6 – A patient prep room where masks are made for head and neck patients before radiotherapy. Cost = £60,000


7 – 8 Counselling rooms to support patients and their families as they come to terms with diagnosis. Cost = £20,000 each.

8 – A Bio bank where samples are stored for research into cancer. Cost = £200,000

9 – A Physiotherapy room to help patients maintain mobility. Cost = £75,000

10 – 110 reclining bedside chairs to allow patients and families to remain close during treatment. Cost = £500 per chair.


A radiotherapy linear accelerator


As well as this much needed equipment your donations also go towards keeping Clatterbridge special. The charity also supports ward refurbishments, free massages for patients, a dedicated playroom, better quality wigs for those coping with hair loss, and an overall brighter environment.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity constantly needs to find new ways to provide these important touches for its patients and with your help they can ensure Clatterbridge is a place that stays in people’s hearts.


Click here to find out more about supporting The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity whether it be a bake sale at work, a sky dive with your bingo buddies or by simply purchasing your Christmas cards from the online shop. Everything you buy will help to give the best possible care to Clatterbridge cancer patients across the region.






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