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Coronavirus: 10 ways to keep your house as clean as you can during the outbreak

4 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Coronavirus: 10 ways to keep your house as clean as you can during the outbreak

Help keep your home germ-free with these 10 NHS approved tips for a healthier household

Keeping our households extra clean lessens the chances of viral contamination, and gives us the kind of sparkling results that makes our homes a more relaxing place to be. As we all do our bit to protect ourselves and others, it’s time for us to start spring cleaning like we mean it!

1 – Corona virus can thrive for up to five days on plastic and steel surfaces, and from person-to-person unless we regularly wash our hands and clean surfaces to get rid of germs.

2 – Wear disposable gloves using soap and water, household bleach, probiotic and/or anti-bacterial sprays which are all effective in destroying the virus as they clean.

3 – If you’ve going to be out and about, try to use contactless payments rather than handling money in shops, wear gloves on Public Transport, and avoid sharing items such as pens. Remember to wash your hands and put gloves in the laundry as soon as you arrive home.

4 – Try to regularly clean frequently handled household items such as door, drawer, oven and fridge drawers, toilet handles, bannisters, light switches and steering wheels.

5 – Clean mobile phones, keyboards, games consoles, and remote controls by dampening a microfibre cloth in soap and water before throughly wringing-out and gently wiping over surfaces.

6 – Towels and bed linen should be washed on a 60º cycle, hung to dry in direct sunlight whenever possible, tumble dried on the highest setting or ironed as these methods all kill germs.

7 – The virus lives for up to five days on stainless steel, glass, ceramics and plastics. Set your dishwater to the hottest setting, or soak items in boiling water, wearing thick rubber household gloves to clean dishes. Air-dry items rather than using tea towels.

8 – Clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces before and after use, and dry surfaces with a clean cloth or kitchen roll after you do, as germs grow faster on wet surfaces. Use separate bathroom towels.

9 – Household bleach and water solution can be used to soak mops and brushes. Filling kitchen and bathroom sinks with the solution overnight effectively disinfects these communal areas and provides a handy area to soak cloths before further use.

10 – The NHS guide to a germ-busting, 20-second hand-wash is worth a quick reminder. Work soap into a lather. Wash the backs of your hands and in between your fingers. Next, wash finger tips and thumbs. Wash palms, then wrists, and return to the backs of your hands before rinsing. Turn off the tap with tissue or elbow before drying on a separate hand towel or tissue. Done!

Let’s help keep households healthy! We’d love to hear your tips for cost effective, time-saving, spring cleaning @TheGuideLpool


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