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Coronavirus Liverpool: Local chauffeur company offers free lifts to help elderly


A Liverpool chauffeur company is offering free lifts to the elderly and vulnerable people who are struggling as a result of the coronavirus.

Craig Ashman, who runs North West Chauffeurs, is making his fleet of luxury cars available, especially for older people who need help collecting shopping or medical prescriptions.

“We specialise in Mercedes, mostly doing private airport transfers, so there are times when we aren’t booked and I wanted to make sure that instead of the cars just sitting there between jobs, they are being used to help people who really need it,” explains Craig.

Craig decided to volunteer his company’s services after a trip to his local supermarket at the weekend.

“I went to Aldi and the queues were ridiculous, it was crazy, everyone was fighting for trollies and baskets, and I was thinking about all those older people who are having to deal with this. They’re trying to get to the shops before they might have to stay indoors for a while and it’s difficult for them, so instead of spending money on a taxi, we’ll take them free where we can.

“Obviously it’s down to availability so if I’m booked then I’ll just be asking people not to be upset, and I’ll do my best to fit them in as soon as I can.

“Even if it’s just the smallest of trips, even if someone says ‘can you do it tomorrow morning, I just need to pick up my prescription?’ then that’s fine, I’m happy to do that and we can work out a time.”

Craig, who’s based in West Derby, says he’s mostly thinking about older people, but also those who could be having medical treatment and are worried about using public transport because they’re at an increased risk of infection. His cars cover the whole of Liverpool and surrounding areas.

“It’s bad for everyone but hopefully we can make it a little bit better for people who might be struggling the most,” he adds. “There are so many people who are going to be finding this hard, why can’t we do something to help them? It’s about giving back, and if everyone did something small where they could then it would help us all get through this.”

To get in touch with Craig, email [email protected] or call 07535 793818.

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