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Couples divided by Liverpool-Spurs loyalties braced for Champions League final


The first all-English final since 2008 will test domestic harmony in some households as LFC take on Spurs tonight live from Madrid at 8pm.

Couples divided by Liverpool-Tottenham loyalties will be putting domestic harmony to the test when the teams meet up in Madrid for the 2019 Champions League final.

With the first all-English final in the competition since 2008, some football fan partners were brought swiftly down to earth after the elation of their semi-final successes by the reality of the forthcoming fixture.

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Derek (Spurs) and Wendy Nash (Liverpool) are from Prescot, Merseyside, and while they watched the semi-finals together, they’ll be apart for European football’s showpiece event.

“I’m leaving him at home to watch it on the TV,” Wendy told the Press Association. “I’ll be watching it in the pub with my son-in-law and his family.

“It’s bad enough when we play each other in the Premier League. I can’t watch the final with him; we end up arguing and then not speaking.

“I suppose I should feel a bit sorry for him, there aren’t that many Spurs fans on Merseyside.

“Seriously though, it’s great having two English clubs in the final, I just wish it wasn’t Spurs – not good for domestic harmony.”

Tracey Moore (Liverpool) and Rod Wood (Spurs), from Gloucestershire, have decided to watch the game together and Tracey admitted she would be happy for Rod should Spurs secure their first European crown.

“Someone’s got to lose, and I would congratulate Rod because I think this is such a massive achievement for Spurs,” she told the Press Association.

“I was so thrilled for him when they got through, but now I’ve sat down and thought about it, in one way I wish it wasn’t an English team.”

Rod added: “Obviously we will have our respective shirts on for the evening but we’ll just go with it and whatever happens I’m hoping as much as anything it will be a cracking game of football.”

And while club loyalty won’t keep Tracey and Rod apart on the night, that’s not to say the whole family is united.

“My daughter rang because she’s a Tottenham fan and her boyfriend’s a Liverpool fan,” said Rod.

“She said ‘what are we doing then dad?’ and I thought ‘oh don’t bring him over here!’”




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