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Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool is launching a new house Mezcal


Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool, the Late-night parlour and full-time pizza party bar, have chosen Koch El Mezcal as its new house Mezcal and will host a ‘Koch Urban Open Day’. 

The exclusive open day on Monday 6th May will showcase Koch’s Mezcals with a special cocktail menu, as well as raising money for Liverpool based organisation, Farm Urban – promoting healthy and sustainable living through technologically-advanced urban farms. 

Koch El Mezcal will be the official house Mezcal of Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool. The agave-based spirit is made traditionally and responsibly in Oaxaca, Mexico, with the goal to give back to their local community. From environmentally friendly production techniques to creating fair-wage jobs opportunities for the locals, Koch El Mezcal is proud to be a sustainable and ethical brand. 

With sustainability at the core Koch’s brand values, Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool will donate £1 from every sale of a Koch cocktail at the Koch Urban Open Day to Farm Urban.

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Farm Urban was born out of the Life Sciences Department at the University of Liverpool. The unique organisation aims to link leading scientific research with local food production. By taking science fresh from the lab and implementing it at the farm in the heart of urban communities, Farm Urban is revolutionising how the modern world deals with the science of food production.

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Pedro’s have curated a special drinks menu to choose from: three Mezcal tasting flights with Ensamble, Barril and Madrecuishe priced at £6; along limited edition of Koch cocktails £6 each.

Long One: Koch Espadin, Chartreuse, Agave, Lemon, Soda

Pink One: Koch Espadin, Pink Gin, Vanilla syrup, Orgeat, Lemon, Pelly blood orange

Juicy One: Koch Espadin, Maraschino, Grapefruit, Lime, Agave

Biffy One: Koch Espadin, Rinomato l’aperitivo, Mancino rosso

Lazy One: Koch Espadin, Tinny

Be sure to head down to Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool on Monday 6th May and find out just what makes Mezcal so special and why in Pedro’s opinion, is the best drink on the planet. What’s more, you will also be helping Farm Urban create a more sustainable world for us to live on – doesn’t get much better than that does it. Drink Mezcal, save the world! Hasta la pizza baby!

For further information, please visit the website here.



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