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Dash Liverpool launches a new sensory food experience


Dash restaurant is promising diners a unique sensory food experience with the launch of its new summer menu.

Executive chef Lee Evans has created seasonal dishes which come with added theatre, including small and large plates which are served in a cloud of aromatic smoke and dry ice.

“What we’ve done is add an instant wow factor to our menu because the first bite of any meal is with your eyes,” explained Lee. “With our new dishes you get an amazing visual and sense of smell which comes before you even have a taste and it all adds up to something memorable.

“We want people to leave us feeling they haven’t just had a really beautiful meal, they’ve had two hours of adventure.”

The new summer menu focuses on light, fresh and fragrant ingredients which are perfect for summer, many of which are embellished with edible flowers.

Lee predicts the smoked Sichuan duck main, which is delivered smoking under a cloche, will be one of showstoppers along with the Siu yuk Cantonese lamb skewers small plate which has a distinctive combination of torched rosemary and a rose aroma over dry ice.

Other new signature dishes include the Flat iron steak with crisp lotus and miso blackened cod which comes with a sprinkling of pink rose petals.

“We marinate the fish for 48 hours so it takes on all the miso character and has a really incredible flavour.

“The whole menu has been designed to have a sense of vibrancy to it, because we want our dishes to match the stunning décor of the building.

“It’s a style of food, character and theatre that isn’t seen anywhere else in Liverpool right now. There’s nothing better than sitting down, looking around and seeing dishes out and feeling excited about what’s coming next. That’s the experience we want to give to our diners.”

To book your table and to see the full menu head to the Dash Liverpool menu here.



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