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Ex Royal Marine Andy Grant to help Zip World Liverpool’s recruitment drive for veterans


The Invictus Games double gold medalist who lost his leg in Afghanistan, is helping the new adventure attraction and its recruitment of veterans to work at Zip World Liverpool

Liverpool hero Andy Grant who lost his leg at the age of 22 after being blown up in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban has set out to recruit 30 armed forces veterans to work at the forthcoming Zip World Liverpool adventure attraction.

The ex Royal Marine and Invictus Games double-gold medalist has taken on an ambassadorial role for Zip World Liverpool that will be based at St Johns Shopping Centre.

Andy, who is the fastest single leg amputee in the world, is now looking for veterans, and those with similar experiences to him, to operate the new zip line which is due to open in summer of 2021.

He will help set up Zip World’s new ‘kitting up centre’ in St Johns which will welcome visitors to the attraction when it opens next year.

Andy said:

“I am excited to be helping Zip World who have brilliantly committed to recruiting veterans. I am looking for men and women who have often struggled to find employment after life in the services, and particularly those who have been injured or affected by the loss of limbs in conflict. I want them to be the people running this exciting new attraction.

“There will be nothing better than having veterans working 138 meters above ground level, at one of Liverpool’s most recognisable landmarks, proving that nothing should ever be a barrier to working in some of the most challenging environments.

“I am going to be supporting the setting up Zip World’s new kitting up centre in St Johns shopping centre too. This is where people will come to get their briefing and get harnessed up before trying the fastest urban zip line in the world. It is going to be great for Liverpool and will put the city on the internal tourist map yet again. It would be amazing to have ex armed service men and women to be the first to take zip line. I certainly want to be one of the first to do it.

“I have to commend Zip World founder Sean Taylor who is also an ex Royal Marine for committing to employing veterans. He really is passionate about this project and I am looking forward to working with him.

“Most people I speak to, especially young people and families, are really excited about the zip line but I’ve heard some people complain about it travelling over St Johns Gardens. I really don’t get their argument because it is so high up, it will be barely seen unless you walk around starting up at the sky. This is a major investment in the city by Zip World and we need to welcome it.”

Zip World is projecting the attraction could bring 300,000 visitors into the city centre every year when it opens in 2021. Originally the attraction was intending to locate the ‘kitting up centre’ at Liverpool’s Central Library but announced this week that they would now open this at St Johns to give a further boost to the shopping precinct.

The innovative brand, famous for its daring and exhilarating adventures, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Wales and has helped transform the economy in the region by contributing £251 million* in only the first five years of operation. The significant benefits to the area have seen local job creation, increased visitor numbers and increased secondary spend from both UK and international tourists.

* Assessing Zip World’s Impact on the North Wales Economy Review 2018, independent survey by North Wales Tourism, 2018

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