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Fancy learning the Salsa right here in Liverpool?


Who wouldn’t like to learn how to dance Salsa?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional in order to do it. In fact, everyone can do it, if they practice and believe in themselves. Especially when you find the right partner, your whole experience can take off!

Salsa is among the most popular social dances worldwide. With the term “Social dance” is conveyed that its main purpose is not the performance, but the participation and the socializing. Afterall, you are sharing the dance floor with someone else.

Salsa originated in the Caribbean as an evolution of many previous latin dance forms and music genres but it was cultivated as an original dance style in the mid 70s in New York, where the term salsa was created. The special feature of salsa dance is the very particular music of afro-hispanic origins and of course, the very famous movement of the hips.

You don’t have to move to Cuba, Colombia or New York  to learn how to dance salsa. You can attend one of our Salsa and Social Classes here, in Liverpool. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced dancer, you can join us. Bring a friend (or alternatively meet your dance partner in class) and get lost in the rhythm of salsa with us. You will also have the chance to be introduced to other latin social dances as well, like Bachata and Merengue, and of course to socialise with people who share the same interest in dancing with you.

Are you already excited? You can take a look of the previous classes!

So, let’s start dancing Salsa and go social!

Dates for the classes are here and you can find out more
Tuesday, 18th
Wednesday, 19th
Wednesday, 26th

Tuesday, 2nd
Tuesday, 9th
Tuesday, 16th,
Wednesday, 24th
Tuesday, 30th
Wednesday, 31th



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