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FITNESS: 5 ways to beat the Winter blues


So, it seems everyone is getting sick with that naughty winter bug that is going round! Well, we may be able to help you to beat that winter bug and stay clear of all those germs with a few simple tips

  1. Exercise!

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As if we need another reason to get fit! Working out is a great way to beat those winter blues! When working out our body relseases endorphins which keep us in a positive mood! Being in a positive mood keeps up active and I a good mood – if we are in a good mood its more likely we’ll embrace the winter and make healthy, satisfying soups that will keep us beating those winter blues!


  1. Eat a Healthy Diet!

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We know that when the weather is dull we find it so much easier to lose track of healthy eating and head to the nearest chippy or fast food place. Eating a bad diet will only feed your bug and make you sick! Eating a bad diet also lacks vitamins which are essential part of a diet…no vitamins = a low immune system resulting in us catching all those bugs lurking!


  1. Catch The Sun!

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Ok, we know there isn’t much sun about in the winter or its icey out whilst the sun tricks us! Get wrapped up, and go embrace the winter sun…we’ll get plenty of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for our body! Like exerciseing, being in the sun produces neurotransmitters that promote a healthy mind.


  1. Try our Immune Boosting Juice

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We previously shared an excellent smoothie that would be an excellent addition to your diet… again with all our essential vitamins, we will have a stronger immune system and will be able to fight those nasty winter blues! Link below.


  1. Try our Veggie Soup


Our veggie soup that we have previously shared is another excellent addition to your diet! Homemade diets are a great way to keep warm in these horrible months ahead. Homemade soups are also an excellent way to eat healthy during the colder months.

Check out our Immune Boosting Juice & Veggie Soup recipe’s here


It also helps to remember that summer bodies are made in the winter! You only have to look in any gym to see people working towards their summer body!

This winter, wrap up warm, eat well and get all your essential vitamins in to boost your immune system and help fight against those bugs that most of the city can’t fight off!

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