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FITNESS: All the info you need on Protein…

8 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

FITNESS: All the info you need on Protein…

Throughout the fitness industry there is a tonne of conflicting dietry information but one truth that has emerged and been pushed by all in the industry is that you need to eat protein, and plenty of it!

Questions often asked about protein include; why is it so important? How much protein do I need? Do I have to go out and buy tubs of protein?

Below we have tried to clear as much information up about protein!

Protein does not necceserily need to be eaten in every meal you eat, however to get the right amount of protein daily it becomes a lot easier if we include some protein to each meal. Also, by eating protein in every meal, your blood sugar levels maintain a healthy balance. Another great thing about eating protein is digested slowly, so you don’t feel hungry half an hour after you’ve eated!

Protein is really an important aspect of our diet daily, but when we exercise it becomes a whole lot more important. Its important to have protein in our diet when we exercise as protein provides amino acids which are building blocks for new tissues and repairing broken cells.

Protein sources are most commonly found in meat, fish and dairy products but there are plenty of protein sources in quinoa, lentils, beans, chickpeas, nuts and seeds. Therefore there is opportunities to add protein into every meal of the day and even in our snacks.

Sometimes, it can appear difficult to eat the right amount of protein daily. This can be made easier by knowing what the value of protein in foods are. Getting the right amount of protein then becomes easier as time goes by.

Protein powders are not always essential. The only time I’d consider adding a protein shake to you diet is if you were to be training for an endurance or bodybuilding event. However, if you find yourself to be quite often lacking to get the right amount of protein in the diet, a protein shake can be a great addition to the diet.

Below are three meals and how much protein is included in each meal, this will make it a little easier to understand how easy it is to add protein into the diet!


A boiled egg with cottage cheese on half of whole-wheat muffin gives you 25g of protein.


Mackerel & Quinoa salad gives you 39g of protein.


Chicken Breast, brown rice & vegetables gives you 44g of protein.

Below is a brief guide to how much protein you need depending on how much you weigh:


11ST (70KG) 52.5G 84 – 119G

13ST (82.5KG) 61.8G 99 – 140G

15ST (95KG) 71.25G 114 – 162G

Jason Porter

Fitness Writer & Presenter

My Fitness Agent / The Guide Liverpool


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