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Football unites as fans deliver PPE to cities across the UK from Liverpool


Football Supporters joined Merseyside PPE Hub to deliver hundreds of visors to frontline workers across the UK.

Fans Supporting Food Banks (FSFB) and the Spirit of Shankly helped to transport the much-needed PPE equipment to soccer stadia including Newcastle and Manchester City for use in care homes.

Ian Byrne, MP for Liverpool West Derby and co-founder of FSFB, explained: “We used our network links to supply Manchester, London, Newcastle and Yorkshire with visors created in Liverpool.

“It’s a really proud moment for everyone involved with FSFB and the city of Liverpool, showing solidarity across the country to frontline workers.”

The PPE had been made by Lydiate Learning Trust PPE Hub – where Scrub Hub Liverpool is also based – which has been making PPE for all of Merseyside.

One of its volunteers, Lizzi Doyle, explained: “Schools have been coming together to make visors for frontline workers and today we have been delivering beyond Merseyside.

“The groups, in conjunction with Spirit of Shankly and Fans Supporting Food Banks, who do amazing work across the city, have connected with some of the fan groups across the UK.”

PPE was delivered to Newcastle and Huddersfield, before travelling to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium where City and United fan groups were there to meet the teams, as well as one from West Ham which had travelled to the North West to collect.

Lizzi added: “This has been a great show of solidarity between football fans and we’re so proud that it’s Liverpool that’s spearheading this initiative.”

Ian Byrne continued: “It was a long and eventful journey, tiring but so, so rewarding. What it’s done is reinforce our belief in working class solidarity – and those visors are in care homes now across the north, which we are extremely proud of.

“The response we’ve had has been nothing short of magnificent. It’s taken the food bank to a different level and it’s all down to the work being done in Liverpool by John, Ste and Dave Coffey and the entire team at the Hub who created these visors and we’ve just used out networks to transport and distribute them.

“I’m sure everyone who’s been involved will remember this for the rest of their lives because it’s been an absolutely wonderful day that does restore your faith in humanity.”

John Parry from Merseyside PPE Hub said it was a great trip but added there was still much need for PPE, urging people to go to their PayPal page, Twitter and Facebook to donate money for materials.

He stressed: “Seventy pence creates one visor, so imagine how many visors if you could spare a few pounds and keep this process going? A lot of PPE is still needing to be manufactured so I just want to say thanks to everyone for all the support already – but please keep donating so we can keep this going on.”


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