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Full lineup for Threshold & watch performances from some of the acts…


Full Live Music Line Up Now Confirmed For Threshold Festival 2016

It’s just one month to go until the 6th annual Threshold Festival of Music & Arts and the full music and visual arts line-up have now been released, as Day Tickets go on sale on Skiddle & Party For The People outlets.

Organisers have declared this their most exciting event yet, with the 12 venues in the Baltic Triangle hosting a huge and diverse offering for all.

Festival Producer Chris Carney said: “A long time in the making, this festival is our big chance to show you what we can do when everything clicks into place. The team have worked tirelessly and with so much love. Tickets are selling incredibly fast so it’s time to get yours and get on board for Threshold Six.

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The full music line-up and stages are below (Full performance line-up coming very soon).:

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Friday, April 1

Mersey Wylie


Alchemy Stage hosted by Threshold vs Soulfest

• The Lemon Collective ‘ViSet’
• Maryan
• Mersey Wylie
• The Soul Rays
• Galactic Funk Militia
• Baba Soul & The Professors of Funk


Archiphonic Stage hosted by Threshold vs Soulfest

• Sophia Ben Yousef
• Amique
• Spink

Amique was featured in our local music spotlight last month, read his chat with us here

Garden Stage

• Bring The Fire Project
• Mixnots (DJs)

Unit 51

The Silver Faztival Stage hosted by Paper Chords #silenceshouldbebeautiful

• John R Chatterton
• Silent Cities
• Somnium
• Johnny Sands


 The Baltic Social

Mercury Stage hosted by Rock Factory

• Broken 3 Ways
• Burn Down Rydell
• Enamel Animal
• Peaness
• Rain May Fall
• Get Her
• The Boston Shakers
• Killaflaw


Copper Stage hosted by Antipop

• Shamanarchy
• The BlowBack Horns
• Old Radio
• Schoolboy’s Death Trio
• Jeramiah Ferrari

24 Kitchen Street 

Iron Stage hosted by INKbeat*

• Reedale Rise
• Spire Cranes
• Rumours
• MaVe
• Minor Moguls
• Reflecktor
• The Baltic States

Black Lodge Brewery 

Lead Astray Stage hosted by Never Indifferent

• Sustiniere
• The Haze
• Mono Sideboards
• Indigo Sky
• Natalie McCool
• Hot Moth
• Kids On Bridges
• Lilium


Lantern TheatreHosted by Cabaret from The Shadows

• Phosphorus Stage
• Me and The Moon
• The Ragamuffins


 Gallery Liverpool 

• The Golden Platform
• Look Twice

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Saturday, April 2

Chanel & The Circus


Archiphonic Stage hosted by Merseyrail SoundStation

• Ellenberg
• Anna Houghton
• Shamona
• Her’s
• A Lovely War
• Dan Wilson


Alchemy Stage with Threshold’s Eclectic Collective

• Hardcore Hornography
• Luma creations presents a musical collaboration feat. Matria Motherland
• Chanel & The Circus
• Science of The Lamps
• Red Eyed Jedi
• Stony Browder Jr.
• The Destroyers

Archiphonic Stage Threshold’s Eclectic Collective

• Creaky Bones
• Kalika
• Lazlo Baby
• Hedge Gods
• The Slytones

Garden Stage hosted by Love Music Promotions

• Voodoo Blood
• greenroom
• Sky Valley Mistress
• Field Studies
• The Franklys
• Laura St. Jude
• The Florescents
• Public Underground
• Native Kings

 Unit 51 

The Silver Faztival Stage hosted by Soul Inspired Events

• Satin Beige
• Rony Trio (solo)
• A.O.B
• Jalen N’Gonda
• Scarlet Baxter
• Katy Alex


The Silver Faztival Stage hosted by Liverpool Calling/Yeah Buddy

• Emilio Pinchi
• Dominic Dunn
• I am Of The Universe
• Michael Bennett and The Awkward Moments
• Kid Kin
• Detuned Radio
• Juffage
• Lying Bastards


The Baltic Social

Mercury Stage hosted by Liverpool Acoustic

• MonaLisa Twins
• Charlie McKeon
• Fall Girl
• Denis Parkinson
• Ook & The Elephant
• Eleanor Nelly
• Dylan Trenouth
• Lisa Wright
• Elijah James
• Mari Hajem


Mercury Stage hosted by Silicon Dreams

• Vieon
• Halem
• Rodney Cromwell
• Future Perfect


Copper Stage hosted by Rock Formations

• Roger Hill DJ
• Go Fiasco
• Glossom
• Pocket Apocalypse
• Kusanagi
• Barberos


24 Kitchen Street

Iron Stage hosted by Astral Coast

• Seegulls
• Jimbob James
• The Arkettes
• The Shipbuilders
• L U M E N
• Jo Mary
• The Roscoes
• Elevant
• The Mono LPs
• Indigo Moon
• Scarlet
• Pink Kink
• Bathymetry


LUMEN was in our local music spotlight, read it here

Iron Stage hosted by Radio Exotica

• Rebel Soul DJs
• Walrus Said…

Black Lodge Brewery 

Lead Astray Stage hosted by Andromeda Lounge with Dogstar

• Futurejack
• Diana Aidar
• Three Minute Hero
• The Green Tea Band
• Charlotte Lee
• Esme Bridie
• Alx Green
• Moxie
• Daniel Saleh
• Thom Morecroft
• Matthew McGurty

Lead Astray Stage hosted by Pitchblack

• Keto
• Michael Seary
• BeLoey

READ our local music spotlight with Michael Seary here
Lantern Theatre

Phosphorus Stage

• Decomposing in Paris
• Bitch’n’Monk
• Gilmore & Roberts

Gallery Liverpool 

The Golden Platform

• SheBeat (host)
• Billy Kelly
• Lucy Mayhew
• Chris Callander
• Sam Cooke

– –

Sunday, April 3 

Dead Hedge Trio (Laura Spark)


Alchemy Stage & Archiphonic Stage hosted by Showrunners & Friends

• Halewood Community Choir
• Tabitha Jade
• Lozinky
• Royzy Rothschild
• Hushtones
• Simon Peter
• Kikosi
• French Girls
• The Skylights
• The Estrelles
• Solar Flame

Alchemy Stage hosted by Threshold’s Eclectic Collective

• 24 Festival Drums
• Operation Lightfoot

Unit 51

The Silver Faztival Stage hosted by Mellowtone

• Beaten Tracks DJs
• Katie and I
• The Mersey Belles
• Chris Woolf
• Grace Hartrey
• Kindest of Thieves

The Silver Faztival Stage hosted by The Rider

• Grace Goodwin
• Geoghegan Jackson
• Cavalier Song
• The Good Host
• Seafoam Green
• Xander & The Peace Pirates

The Baltic Social 

Mercury Stage with Liverpool Jazz

• Threshold House Band
• Dead Hedge Trio

Mercury Stage with Threshold’s Eclectic Collective

• Vanessa Murray
• Hillhouse
• Iain Till
• Joe Symes & The Loving Kind
• Ellie Ford
• Kevin Critchley Band

24 Kitchen Street

Iron Stage hosted by Mad Pride

• Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5
• Kid Blast DJ
• The Lotharios

Black Lodge Brewery

Lead Astray Stage hosted by Homegrown Bananas presents…’Footsteps’

• Richard Batty
• The Kirk Owls
• Mamatung
• Coast
• Scaredycats
• Alex Hulme

The Lantern Theatre

Phosphorus Stage

• Xenia Horne Harptist
Gallery Liverpool 

The Golden Platform

• Chris Kelsey
• Charlie Airey
• Simon Woods Hang Sound System
• Derek King
if the last bits can just include some ticket info about Day Tickets being on sale that’d be great. Plus a mention that limited £15 are up for grabs at Made-here and Dig.

Day and Weekend Tickets are available via Skiddle and Party For The People.You can also pick up limited £15 passes from official Threshold stockists, Dig Vinyl andmade-here, but don’t delay!

Threshold Festival takes place from 1st-3rd April, 2016 across numerous venues in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.



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