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GALLERY: Thousands of shoppers return to Liverpool City Centre as lockdown rules are eased


Lockdown rules have been changed in England to allow households to join another if an adult lives alone or with a child, none essential stores are now open and the rules also now permit people to be present at births and to visit people who are seriously unwell.

Liverpool City Centre reopened the majority of its stores today and welcomed back thousands of shoppers with new social distancing measures in place across town.

Primark, JD Sports and Sports Direct were amongst the more popular choices for shoppers with some waiting over an hour to gain entry. New signage and one way systems were utilised and waiting zones were used outside bigger stores.

Liverpool ONE, Liverpool BID, Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, Liverpool City Council, Merseytravel and Merseyside Police have been working together to make the city as safe as possible when it re-opens.

Under the new banner, Love Your Liverpool, green and purple messaging has directed people to keep to the left, keep their distance and to act responsibly to keep everyone safe.

And a brand new website has also been launched – – which gives advice and answers questions people may have if they are thinking about going shopping. 



It’s not only rules about shopping that have changed though. We take a look at the new laws:

What is new?

Changes to the lockdown rules, called The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2020, came into force on Saturday and Monday.

This updates the existing version of the law already in place.

Separate laws have also been introduced which makes wearing face coverings mandatory on public transport in England.

What does it mean?

More restrictions have been relaxed to allow people to visit others who are in hospital when necessary.

Single adult households are also now allowed to spend time with people they do not live with, inside, without the need for social distancing.

My partner is expecting a baby, can I attend the birth?

Yes, the latest laws suggest this would be a permitted public gathering.

The document says it is seen as “reasonably necessary” to allow a person to attend a birth at the mother’s request or to visit, subject to restrictions.

It does not specify who can be allowed to attend the birth, indicating that this could apply to partners, other relatives or friends, or how many people.

If the birth is taking place in hospital, staff may have particular restrictions in place on numbers.

What about other hospital visits?

Another exception is for visiting someone who is believed to be dying and is a member of the same household, a close relative or a friend.

If there are no other visitors, then any other acquaintance is allowed to go.

This applies to hospital patients and someone staying in a hospice or care home.

Patients can also now be accompanied to medical appointments by a member of their household, a close relative or a friend.

I live alone, can I go to someone else’s house?

Yes, adults who live alone or with a child under the age of 18 can chose to be “linked” with another household.

This is providing all the adults in the second household agree and it is not linked with any other households.

There is no limit on the number of adults or children who can live in the second household.

If they choose to cut ties, neither household can become “linked” to another, different group of people living in a separate house.

What else does the law say?

this week in Liverpool

The rules appears to relax restrictions on libraries and places of worship, saying they are not prevented from carrying out business which offers goods for sale or hire on separate premises, from making deliveries or operating a takeaway cafe.

Preparations are underway and measures are being put in place at Liverpool Cathedral so it can reopen its doors and welcome people back into the building safely for individual private prayer and reflection. Following a Government announcement that all places of worship could open for supervised private prayer from 13 June, Liverpool Cathedral is starting its journey to reopen on Thursday 18 June in line with the latest Government and Public Health social distancing guidelines to ensure people’s safety.

The legislation also makes clear restrictions have been lifted on some businesses opening, including shops, drive-in cinemas, retail galleries where most of the art on display is for sale and outdoor attractions at zoos, safari parks, aquariums and other farms or parks where animals are exhibited to the public.

Knowsley Safari and Chester Zoo both reopened their gates today with Knowsley Safari reopening its 5-mile safari drive and foot safari.

How much longer will the laws be in place?

They now need to be reviewed at least once every 28 days and ultimately expire after six months of originally being brought into force.

The original Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 were enacted on March 26, indicating the rules would be lifted before the end of September unless they had already been scrapped by the Government.

How did the reopening of Liverpool City Centre go?

Bill Addy of Liverpool BID Company spoke with Liverpool City Council today saying “people are coming back and they are coming back reassured by the way Liverpool City Centre has been looked after during this time”. Some queues were over an hour long, and the majority of shoppers adhered to the new rules and measures in place.

See all the pictures form todays reopening below. Courtesy of Activate Digital.

If you are planning on going shopping in Liverpool City Centre you can find the answers to lots of questions here.

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