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General Election 2019: A Liverpool Voters Guide


Everything you need to know on voting in the General Election 2019

It’s being described as the most important vote in a generation and now, after weeks of manifestos, TV debates and endless photo opportunities, the General Election is finally less than 24 hours away.

All five constituencies in Liverpool – Garston & Halewood, Riverside, Walton, West Derby and Wavertree – currently have Labour MPs, but election results can be unpredictable.

Will it go the way of ‘get Brexit done’, will there be a late surge for Labour or will the Lib Dems or Greens end up holding the balance of political power?

There’s so much at stake – not only our future in or out of the EU but the NHS, the environment, schools and policing too – so it’s vital to get out and get your voice heard!

And it’s not just the national party and its pledges to consider – the candidate you feel will represent you and your area of Liverpool deserves most to get your ‘X’ by their name.

So, how can you make sure you play your vital part in electing the next Government? Everything you need to know about voting in the General Election is below …


When can I vote?

If you haven’t already sent back your postal vote then it’s probably too late to pop it in the mail because for it to be counted, postal ballots must be with your local authority by 10pm on Thursday. But the good news is you can take your postal vote along to your local polling station instead.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 12th December and don’t worry if you leave it to the last minute and you’re still in the queue at 10pm, you’ll be allowed to cast your vote if you get to the polling station before the deadline.

How do I find my nearest polling station?

Polling stations are usually in schools, churches or community centres, and if you have a poling card then it will be listed on there, but if you’re not sure Liverpool City Council has an online polling station finder. You just need to input your postcode and your nearest one will come up. You can do that here.

Do I need to take my ballot paper with me to the polling station?

No, you don’t have to take anything with you at all when you vote, not even ID, you just tell staff at the polling station your name and address and they’ll tick you off their list and give you a ballot paper. Just take it into one of the booths and put your ‘X’ next to the person you want to vote for. Simple as that.

How can I find out who is standing to be my MP?

We’ve done it for you …


2017 election: Stephen Twigg, Labour – % of vote 82.7%

Candidates in 2019

Tom Bradley – Conservative; Ian Byrne – Labour; Paul Parr – Lib Dem; Ray Pearson – Brexit Party; Steve Radford – Liberal; William Ward – Green Party


2017 election: Louise Ellman, Labour – % of vote 84.5%

Candidates in 2019

Tom Crone – Green Party; Kim Marie Johnson – Labour; David Leach – Brexit Party; Sean-Paul Malkeson – Conservative; Rob Mcallister-Bell – Lib Dem


2017 election: Dan Carden, Labour – % of vote 85.7%

Candidates in 2019

Dan Carden – Labour; Ted Grant – Green Party; Billy Lake – Liberal; David Newman – Lib Dem; Alex Phillips – Conservative


2017 election: Maria Eagle, Labour – % of vote 77.7%

Candidates in 2019

Maria Eagle – Labour; Kris Brown – Lib Dem; Jake Fraser – Brexit Party; Neva Novaky – Conservative;

Jean-Paul Roberts – Green Party; Hazel Williams – Liberal


2017 election: Luciana Berger, Labour – % of vote 79.6%

Candidates in 2019

Paula Barker – Labour Party; Mick Coyne – Liberal; Adam Heatherington – Brexit Party; Kay Inckle – Green Party; Richard Kemp – Lib Dem; Catherine Mulhern – Conservative

Need one last incentive to get to the polls?

How about a free drink? Ma Boyle’s in Tower Building on The Strand (next to St Nick’s church) is offering a free pint for anyone who can provide proof that they’ve voted. Just don’t forget you’re not supposed to take a photo in a polling station because it’s a secret ballot, so maybe do a selfie with the sign outside instead.

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