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Get on your bike to support thousands of people living with Huntington’s disease


Liverpool-based national charity, the Huntington’s Disease Association are launching their virtual bike challenge, #HDBike and are looking for people to take part!

They are looking for cyclists across Merseyside to take their wheels to the streets to help the charity raise funds and reach 8000kms over August! All monies raised from #HDBike will support anyone living with Huntington’s disease.

The Huntington’s Disease Association supports people affected by Huntington’s disease across England and Wales. Huntington’s affects the central nervous system and is caused by a faulty gene passed down through families with each child of a parent with Huntington’s having a 50% chance of inheriting it. There are around 8000 people in the UK with Huntington’s and around 32,000 at risk of developing it.

The charity provides a national support network for families and professionals, specialist publications, training and social research funding. They help to raise awareness of the disease and campaign on behalf of people affected by it. With your help we can achieve our vision of a better life for anyone affected by Huntington’s.

To sign up for #HDBike visit the website here for more details – and #getonyourbike4HD

Joanne Dobbie Head of Fundraising, Huntington’s Disease Association, said:

“Our #HD8000 series is our way of raising funds for people affected by this devastating disease. #HDBike is our call to action for all keen and not so keen cyclists to take their local roads and streets over August to help us to raise funds for our work. Our recent Family Matters campaign highlighted the importance of our work with 89% of respondents stating that when they tell people about their Huntington’s diagnosis people do not know anything about it. Your support can help us change that.”

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