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Ginspired entrepreneur launches organic botanicals business


An entrepreneurial-driven fan of the finer drinks in life has put together an organic gin business aimed at the artisanal food and luxury goods market.

Wirral-based Alex Griffiths, 33, has worked in the licensed and leisure industry for almost two decades and began researching the opportunity to start up The Organical Botanical Spirit Co just prior to lockdown.

Determined to succeed, the company has proudly launched its first product, a classic Organic London Dry.

Produced in small batches in a traditional copper still, Alex enthused:

“It contains 100% organic grain and botanicals that are Soil Association certified plus we’ve cultivated a sustainability criteria right from the start…for every bottle sold, we will plant a tree through our partnership with Plant For The Planet.

“We’re also working on a number of flavours as part of the evolution of the business, and we’ll keep the batch small like our introductory classic, of which we’ve produced less than 450 bottles.”

With a sixth of stock already sold prior to launch, Alex is quietly confident that his Organic London Dry Gin product will be well received.

“Even though the drink is niche, customers buying it have fed back to us that they appreciated the culture of how we presented ourselves and the brand. For us it’s about informing our audience and having fun…facts and fun!”

The Organical Botanical Spirit Co is already in talks with a well-known organic high street brand and will be discussing its introductory classic and future flavours with luxury retailers and artisanal grocery brands alike. It’s a dream opportunity for Alex personally as he admits to being a Gin collector with more than 150 different bottles in his collection to date.

“I love all the different expressions from the botanicals and it’s become my passion and purpose to maximise the potential of the company. We’ve got the expertise too so with some good fortune and loads of dedication, we’re hoping for a warm welcome from the industry as there is plenty of room for our blend of the finest natural grains and botanicals to work well in retail and across the licensed & leisure industry too.

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