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Have you seen the huge pro-vegan billboards in Liverpool City Centre?


Activists from pressure group, Animal Justice Project have taken their pro-vegan message onto a huge 7.5 meter high billboard at the busy B5186 junction near to Liverpool University.

The huge billboard forms part of Animal Justice Project’s new ‘Lifeline’ campaign which is backed by Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, Downtown Abbey’s Peter Egan, and vegan labour MP, Kerry McCarthy.

Over the next month, cities across the UK such as Cambridge, Manchester, Glasgow and Oxford are set to host eye-catching vegan digital billboards up to five metres high on and around university campuses. There are also innovative ‘table wraps’ within student union cafes asking students to consider veganism.

As well as the emotive advertising, Animal Justice Project will be urging animal rights groups across Britain to carry out their own Lifeline events on university campuses and high streets – providing them with resources such as leaflets, factsheets and ‘resource cards’ on veganism, and footage taken inside British farms, slaughterhouses and university laboratories.

More than 3.5 million British people (7 percent of the population) now currently identify as vegan and last year it was reported that the number of vegans in Britain had increased by 360 per cent over a decade making it the fastest growing lifestyle movement today.

The huge billboard has strategically been placed just a short walk from the thriving Liverpool University campus making young people the targets of this campaign. 42% of vegans are between 15 and 34 years old.

Evanna Lynch states: “Campaigns such as Lifeline are succeeding in opening people’s eyes about what we do to animals. The proof is already there with the number of vegans in Britain quadrupling in the past four years”.

Ayrton Cooper, Animal Justice Project’s Lifeline Campaigner, states: “We are delighted to spread our message to thousands of people over the next two weeks with this billboard in Liverpool. The responses we’ve received by both students and members of the public has been overwhelmingly favourable – with many saying they had already been considering switching to a vegan diet. Veganism is no longer seen as a fad diet for the few – it is a modern and exciting lifestyle that is catching on rapidly with the younger generations”.

Animal Justice Project is an international organisation campaigning to promote veganism and ending animal experiments.

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