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Homeless Liverpool 01: How big of a problem is homelessness in our city?


Everyday this week on The Guide Liverpool will be shining the spotlight on homelessness in our city.

Earlier this year we spent time with a local organisation called The Paper cup Project, they spend time on our streets, offering food, drink, clothes and more to vulnerable people. We will be finding out the facts, dispelling the myths and hearing the stories.

Michelle Langan is the founder of the group and we have asked her to blog as we go through the week.

Watch the first Homeless Liverpool feature above and read Michelle’s first piece below.


By Michelle Langan

Home is where the heart is, right? A place to live is something we take for granted. It’s not a luxury, but something that everyone should have. A home. A place to rest their head.

It’s hard to walk around the city and see people who don’t have this. People sleeping in doorways in sleeping bags, some alone, some with dogs, some with friends. There’s conflicting advice on how to help the homeless – so I decided to try to do more, and get involved on a basic level, and The Papercup Project was born.

The Papercup Project is a group of (amazing) volunteers, and we are out every week feeding and sharing chats with the rough sleepers on our streets. Our homeless have become our friends, people just like you or me, who have fallen through the cracks of society.

I set up The Papercup Project about a year ago, after running ‘Wrap Liverpool In Love’ – a project where scarves were left around the city with messages from local school children for our homeless.

The more I chatted to rough sleepers on our streets, the more I realised that their voices weren’t being heard, and perceptions still needed to be challenged. Each week, our group of volunteers heads out to feed, clothe and assist our homeless friends across the city centre.
We share the stories of the people we meet and hope by doing this that we can change some of the negative perceptions that still exist. Homelessness doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone. Those people we see on our streets are someone’s daughter, mother, brother, sister, son, just people like us who have fallen through the cracks and haven’t had support around them.

Through The Guide Liverpool, we will be sharing stories of what we see and the stories behind the people – to try and challenge the stigma around homelessness.

We hope that through sharing stories we can bring people to life, and spread the word that homeless are not worthless.

Find out more about our project on our Facebook page here.

Thanks for watching and please share these videos and posts – we need to raise as much awareness as we can.

You can help the Papercup Project help even more vulnerable people living on the streets in our city by donating here. 




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