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Ian Prowse is returning to the O2 Academy Liverpool for his now legendary Christmas show


Ian Prowse is back with his now legendary Christmas show in Liverpool.

The 13 piece band show takes place at The 02 Academy in Liverpool on Dec 11th. Tickets are priced at £18.75 and available HERE.

Ian Prowse is a singer/songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve and writes straight from the cuff. He plays guitar and is frontman of Amsterdam, previously of indie cult band Pele.

Raised on the rallying cry of protest songs. Influenced by the Celtic sounds that make Liverpool so unique. And inspired by the song writing craftsmanship of Paul Weller, Mike Scott and Bruce Springsteen, it was no surprise, at the start of the 90s, when the rest of Britain was swaggering along to the baggy sound of The Stone Roses, Ian put together a band that marched to their own beat.

The result was Pele, a five-piece alternative rock ‘n’ pop band with an infusion of Celtic sounds, and a live show that became stuff of legend. They released 2 studio albums, 1 live album and 6 singles that lit up the bottom end of the UK charts, but literally exploded like fireworks all over the world.

The band split in 1996. Three years later Ian formed Amsterdam, it was to take another 5 years until they were signed to an independent label. During this time the band struck up a friendship with Elvis Costello, which saw them playing as his band on the Jonathan Ross Show, supporting his live shows and eventually recording a duet of ‘Don’t throw your love away’, originally a hit by the Searchers.

Amsterdam had a top 40 UK hit with their first single ‘The Journey’ but it’s their song ‘Does this train stop on Merseyside?’ that cemented Ian’s place in the hearts of DJs, songwriters and music fans alike. Radio 1 DJ John Peel was reduced to tears every time he put it on, openly crying live on air because of its connection with Liverpool, the city he loved. Irish legend Christy Moore then took the song on in 2009 making it the centrepiece of his album ‘Listen’.

Step forward London-based Indie label, Kitchen Disco Records. Having previously collaborated with Ian on 2019’s ‘Here I Lie’ and 2020’s ‘The Story of Ian Prowse’ it felt only right, in 2021, to finally give ‘Attitunes’ the attention it deserved.

So with this re-release 20 years after initial inception, music fans across the globe can finally see why the Liverpool legend is so respected amongst his peers. With the likes of Elvis Costello, Christy Moore, Baz Warne (from the Stranglers), Miles Hunt (from The Wonder Stuff) and Damian Dempsey all having paid tribute in the past and Elvis Costello even asking Ian to support him on his 13 date UK tour planned for Spring 2020 had it not been for the COVID crisis.

But with the worst of the pandemic now hopefully behind us, let us celebrate the fact that this once very rare (and highly revered) album will now finally be made available to all on CD (along with souvenir booklet) and gorgeous red 180gm vinyl. Quite literally music to the ears for many die-hard fans who no longer have to compete to pick up one of these bootleg beauties for £60 on eBay. Things really are looking up for 2021!

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