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Jonny Bongo hosts a Bongo’s Bingo street party for his neighbours in Liverpool


Over the weekend, Jonny Bongo brought Bongo’s Bingo back into action in Liverpool for a very special party

But it wasn’t inside Content, no; this time, he hosted an intimate socially-distanced show for all of his neighbours.

Twelve houses played three games in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine, creating some very much needed escapism for the whole street in the city.

Jonny says: “I have been chomping at the bit to do something since taking a break from our live stream, and I still want to get creative when possible during the lockdown. So I thought this time I would bring Bongo’s Bingo to where I live and get everyone here involved.

“It was really lovely and felt class bringing the street together, mainly families dancing in their front gardens and having a party.”

“Some of the younger kids had been working on their numeracy all week to take part. It all got a bit wild, shall we say, with the adults on the Lambrinis.

The guys at No.1 won the karaoke machine and had the whole street singing Disney classics into the evening, and Joan from No.9 bagged the cardboard cut-out of David Attenborough. It was just for a bit of fun really but brilliant to see everyone having such a laugh – and always at a safe distance, too.”

Jonny had everyone dancing in the street to B*Witched, Glenn Miller, ABBA, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and many more Bongo’s Bingo favourites with a family theme.

Other iconic prizes up for grabs included cut-outs of Will Smith and Ainsley Harriet and one of the all-time classics, the space hopper, was also won.


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