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Knowsley Safari celebrates Chinese Year of the Tiger with their very own tiger pack


Knowsley Safari is home to one of the largest tiger enclosure in Europe where you can get up close to the Amur Tigers

The Chinese Year of the Tiger starts on 1st February 2022 and with Knowsley Safari open Wednesday to Sunday, what better way to celebrate than getting just inches away from real tigers, in their 10,000 square metre Russian-inspired Tiger Trail.

Miron and Sinda are some of the largest cats in the world. Amur tigers can grow to over three metres in length and are the epitome of bravery and strength, tiger traits which, according to the Chinese calendar, people born during a tiger year are supposed to have.

Knowsley Safari

Tiger years include 2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974 and 1962. People born during one of these years are said to be expressive and unpredictable with a stubborn streak. Like a predator chasing its prey the tiger does not falter, making quick decisions.

Carnivores Manager at Knowsley Safari, Adam Kenyon, says:

“The Amur tigers at Knowsley Safari are incredibly charismatic, fearless and ambitious. We see these traits in ther behaviour daily as they enjoy jumping up trees and hunting for food.

“Maybe some of our guests born in a tiger year will recognise some of Miron and Sinda’s characteristics in themselves!”

Located on the Foot Safari, the Tiger Trail is the largest enclosure of its type in Europe with uninterrupted views through several huge windows, where guests are literally inches from these big cats.

The Amur Tiger Trail at Knowsley Safari is part of the attraction’s conservation efforts. There are only approximately 540 Amur Tigers living in the wild in the Russian Far East and male tiger Miron, along with tiger sisters, Sinda and Bira, are part of a global breeding programme.

Knowsley Safari continues to follow the latest guidelines to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable experience across the 550-acre site.

To visit, guests must pre-book tickets online at

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