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Knowsley Safari launches UK’s first ever live stream Safari School


Knowsley Safari to broadcast live to UK pupils in their classrooms

Knowsley Safari is set to launch the UK’s first ever Live Stream Safari School , which will broadcast live into classrooms, to help those pupils and schools unable to physically visit the Safari to continue to learn and engage with nature and wildlife.

The world is beginning to open up again, slowly but surely, but for variety of reasons including health and safety concerns, tight budgets and time constraints, not all schools will be ready for outings.

Knowsley Safari has therefore developed Live Stream Safari School, a real-time, interactive experience where pupils and teachers can ‘visit’ and learn at the Safari – online.

Using multi-location technology, Knowsley Safari will broadcast live from its Safari School building, while instantaneously cutting to any number of other locations on the 550-acre site, meaning pupils can see all the animals up close from the convenience of their own school classrooms.


Topics for the Safari School sessions could include African Animals, Classifications or Food and Feeding, from which schools can pick and choose according to their interests or curriculum needs.

The stream is interactive, with pupils able to ask live questions during the sessions and receive an instant response from the animal experts on site, just as if they were there in person.

Knowsley Safari will also use exciting, pre-recorded film in the broadcast that can’t always be captured live, such as veterinary procedures and new arrivals.

Several schools can participate in each Live Stream Safari School meaning Knowsley Safari can open up its Learning and Discovery sessions to schools outside of its usual catchment area. In fact, location is limitless and there are plans for the Live Stream Safari School to expand its reach internationally.

Nikki Mallott, Head of Learning and Discovery at Knowsley Safari said:

“While we’re still very much open to schools that would like to visit the safari, we also recognise that the 2020 to 2021 school year will be different for many pupils.

“With our Live Stream Safari School we can continue to add to the learning experience, but in a way that is convenient, flexible and inclusive to schools not only in the North West but around the UK.”

Live Stream Safari School will be available to children’s clubs and groups throughout the summer holidays and launches for schools in September.

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