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Leanne Campbell takes us to the rehearsals for Pete Price is Dead at Royal Court Liverpool


It’s the moment we have all been dreading for years – Pete Price is Dead. Well, kind of!

Radio City is under threat. The accountants have been in and the whole station is set to be replaced by a feed direct from London.

The famous tower will be shut down and turned into the world’s tallest Home and Bargain.

They’ve got one chance of survival, a rich American has arrived and is about to buy the station to keep it in Liverpool.

The deal goes through today but only if all of the presenters sign up to the new schedule. There’s only one problem… Pete Price is Dead.

Written by Radio City’s Breakfast Show host Leanne Campbell this is an uproarious new comedy is about what happens when the biggest mouth in Liverpool gets permanently shut.  Can Leanne and Producer Archie (Ray Quinn) stash the body and keep the investors happy? Who will get Pete’s parking space? What will happen to his huge collection of celebrity selfies?


Tune in to find out what happens when Pete tunes out.

The cast has been confirmed and is full of familiar faces. Dancing On Ice and X Factor star Ray Quinn and Royal Court regulars Michael Fletcher, Lindzi Germain, Keddy Sutton and Liam Tobin who are joined by writer Leanne Campbell, and, of course, Pete Price himself!

Stephen Fletcher is directing the show, having developed the script along with Leanne Campbell. The designer of the show is Jocelyn Meall.

Executive Producer Kevin Fearon says: “Everybody in Liverpool knows Pete Price and he has been great about us bumping him off on stage. Leanne came to us with the script and it had us laughing from the off. To get such a great cast has been brilliant as well. We can’t wait to get started – this one will have people laughing from beginning to end.”

Pete Price is Dead runs from Friday 13th March to Saturday 11th April 2020. Tickets and information are available here or on 0151 709 4321.

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