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Little Red Riding Hood comes to life this Christmas at Unity Theatre


Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf is a bold re-telling of the well-known classic tale, Little Red Riding Hood and will explore the thrill of adventure versus the safety of staying on the path.

Natalia Campbell (Mother/Woodcutter), Simone Lewis (Grandma), Harvey Robinson (Wolf) and Luca Rutherford (Little Red) will all work alongside the creative team to devise Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf as well as performing as part of the ensemble in addition to their main characters.

Co-director and Artistic Director of Action Transport Theatre, Nina Hajiyianni said:

“Little Red promises to be a bold and highly theatrical re-telling of the well-known classic tale. The show will build on the success of previous years where we have seen familiar stories told with a twist. I’m delighted with the cast we have chosen to work with.

We are very interested in the idea of the thrill of adventure and unknown versus the safety and familiarity of the ‘path’ and how irresistible straying can be, especially for children. Also in the story mix: is the tension between mankind and nature; are the wolves really the villains in a world where the woodcutter is destroying the forest? And is Grandma the trophy hunter really sick?”


Unity Theatre Artistic Director and CEO, Matthew Linley said:

‘We’re really delighted to be working with this talented group of actors to create Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf!  What’s particularly exciting about this cast is their extraordinary breadth of experience – from the West End to clowning and alternative theatre.  It’s great too to be working with both new and familiar faces – Harvey featured in our own co-production Bardolph’s Box, and Simone was in Action Transport’s highly successful STATik! Together with Nina and Kevin I can’t wait to see what our cast come up with.”

Tickets can be booked via Unity Theatre’s Box Office, by calling 0151 709 4988 or via




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