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Liverpool blogger “Kate Is Boss” tells us about taking her show on the road


Last week we met ‘famous’ Liverpool blogger “Kate Is Boss” who is taking her “massive” Instagram following from Liverpool to Manchester for a special show all about her. Watch the interview, you’ve gotta see it to believe it!

Here’s a few words from the girl herself, take it away Kate!

Alright babes, thanks for watching me video. I reckon I’m gonna be dead famous. I’m gonna put Liverpool properly on the map! Youse might recognise me from Twitter or Instagram @KateIsBoss_ if not… where’ve you been? Anyway, I’m doing a bit of a thing in Manchester (I know-Sorry! It’s cheaper to get a theatre there!). I’ll be doing some songs and talking to you all about my bae Jay (hey! That rhymes!) and my mate… well she used to be my mate Jen. Bitch!
Anyway, it’d be proper boss if you could make it over. We’ll have a right laugh. It’s on from 25th Jan – 28th Jan. All the details can be found here; It’s gonna be a right laugh! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Tra tra tra… ?



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