Liverpool buildings light up blue and flags lowered to honour Aintree Hospital Staff Nurse Liz Glanister - The Guide Liverpool

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Liverpool buildings light up blue and flags lowered to honour Aintree Hospital Staff Nurse Liz Glanister


Today Liverpool will honour Aintree University Hospital Staff Nurse Liz Glanister by lowering the flags on three of the city’s most prominent buildings. 

Liz worked as a nurse at Aintree University Hospital died on Friday after contracting the Covid-19 virus.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has declared that the flags at Liverpool Town Hall, St George’s Hall and The Cunard Building will be lowered to half-mast today in Liz’s honour.

As a further tribute to Liz and other health professionals in the city, all three civic buildings will be lit up blue for the foreseeable future.

Mayor Anderson said: “Words cannot express how much a debt of gratitude this city owes to Liz Glanister and her colleagues.

“Liz was a long-serving member of hospital staff who dedicated her life to caring for others and in the true spirt of this city she gave everything she had to make a difference at such a crucial time. She was a hero in every sense of the word.

“Our thoughts remain with Liz’s family, friends and colleagues. The lowering of the flags and the lighting up of the buildings is the least we can do to honour Liz’s memory and pay an ongoing tribute to all those who continue to do their very best every day to help us all get through this difficult time.”

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