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Why your business needs video production for marketing

Everybody loves videos. You love watching videos, we love creating videos; cats and influencers love being in videos. 

But, more importantly, your potential customers can’t get enough video content either. Which is exactly why your business needs video production for marketing. 

And the incredible thing is, whether you’re an international SaaS company or an independent local restaurant, high quality videos can improve your results across loads of key business metrics. 

From improving SEO and generating engagement on social media to building brand awareness and generating return on investment, video marketing can do it all. 

So if you’re here to find out about how SaaS product videos can work wonders for your software sales, or you’re looking to rank on the first page of Google for your new eatery, here’s why creating videos for your business is always a good idea. 

Build brand awareness

We’re sure you agree that it’s vital for customers to know who you are and what you do. But in these modern times we live in, customers also want to learn about your brand values. It’s not just about promoting your product or service anymore. 

That’s why branded video is so effective. 

Because not only does video help promote your products or services, it also allows you to show people what you stand for. 

Creating content such as testimonial and explainer video builds a natural connection with potential customers and shows them why they should trust your business to deliver over your competitors. 

Plus, hosting a product demo on your website is a fantastic way to help customers troubleshoot before they clog up your customer service line. 

Improve SEO 


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Search engines adore videos; making video marketing the perfect tool to improve your search engine rankings. 

Operators like Google prioritise websites with rich content to give users the best possible answer to their queries so, by having content like explainer video on your website, search engines will naturally give your website a boost in search results. 

But this is only the beginning. Once video has given your SEO a boost and you’re getting more visitors to your page, a beautiful cycle is underway.  

Because people prefer watching a short video rather than reading lots of text, when you embed a video on your site, they’re much more likely to visit for longer. 

And the longer they stay and the more they click, the better the chance that search engines will assume your website is full of the answers people seek and give your site another SEO boost. 

Generate Social Media Engagement


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Do you know who else goes ga-ga for video? You guessed it; social media platforms. It’s one of their favourite types of content.

In fact, the social media giants are pushing videos everywhere you look – from YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels to Facebook Stories and TikToks. 

One crucial reason is that video content generates 1200% more social shares than text and images combined, giving your video a remarkable opportunity to get in front of people fast. And the likes of Elon Musk to sell more advertising impressions of course, but let’s not worry about that. 

Instead, consider that viewers retain 95% of a message in a video, compared with only 10% in text. So not only will more people see your content – they’ll have a better chance of understanding the benefits of your product or service immediately.

And as you know, people love to watch videos. 

Of the 6.9billion smartphone owners in the world (or 85% of the global population!) 90% of mobile users like to use our devices to binge on video content. 

That gives you quite the target market to aim for. 

Increase your revenue

As you already know, video is a potent, engaging way to get your brand noticed online. Are you ready for more good news? 

Video also helps increase revenue. Which, let’s face it, is quite an important part of being in business. According to the latest study from Wyzowl, 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase sales. Meanwhile, 89% of consumers say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service. 

And if email marketing is a vital part of your marketing strategy, video is a game-changer here, too. Because video content increases click through rate on email marketing campaigns can improve click through rate by 65% and increase open rates by a mind-boggling 96%. 

If that doesn’t convince you that your business needs video marketing, we don’t know what will. 

Get value for money

Okay, if you really need more convincing that video content can propel you towards your business goals, how about this. 

Video marketing is incredibly cost-effective. We’re not saying it’s cheap (like any good product, quality video content comes at a price), but when you work with a trusted video production company like The Guide Liverpool, video offers superb value for money. 

So, with our packages starting from only 900 +VAT – what are you waiting for? 

Get in touch with one of our video experts today for a friendly, no-obligation chat.