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Liverpool cake artist creates a replica of Killing Eve star Jodie Comer


She’s been on the cover of Vogue and dressed by some of the world’s top designers, now Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer has been immortalised in a very different way … in sponge.

Cake artist Leanne Harry from Mossley Hill has created an edible version of Jodie’s character Villanelle, complete with a mini replica of the iconic bubblegum-pink tulle dress from season one.

After making an incredible likeness of NHS fundraiser Capt Tom Moore to celebrate his 100th birthday, Leanne spent 40 hours crafting Jodie out of vanilla sponge, chocolate ganache, modelling chocolate and fondant, before adding the tutu made from dyed edible rice paper.

Captain Tom cake

Killing Eve fan Leanne used a selection of photos from red carpet events and stills from the series itself to show Jodie from various angles. That helped her to perfect the Scouse actress’s features on the 14-inch high cake.

“I was working from photos of her at the Oscars where she’s doing this beautiful pout, then I had a few from Killing Eve where she’s more cutesy, kooky looking, and I was jumping from one to another,” said Leanne. “I think I found Jodie more difficult to do because she has such a young perfect face which is really expressionate so on every photo she looked different.

“The middle layer is made from modelling chocolate so when you’re at that stage you can add and take away bits quite easily but once you’ve put the fondant on, it’s much harder to change things. I ended up using an airbrush which sprays edible colour to add shading, highlighting and contouring so hopefully I’ve done her justice.”

The 46-year-old, who runs her own creative cake business Kake by Leanne Harry, began making her homage to the Liverpool star on Saturday.

“I kept getting up in the early hours of every morning because I wasn’t quite satisfied with it,” she added. “And then about halfway through I had a bit of a disaster because I was using new products I hadn’t used before and the whole of the face fell off!

“I went to get something and just saw it falling. I managed to grab it so I could rescue some of it, but I really had to start again.”

Jodie Comer is only Leanne’s third cake sculpture subject. A professional make-up artist by trade, she worked in TV for many years on shows including C4 soap Hollyoaks before she discovered a love and a talent for cake decoration two years ago after watching a TV show called Extreme Cake Makers.

Her first creation was of Labour politician Aneurin Bevan, the man responsible for establishing the NHS, which she used to raise money for NHS charities. Then she made an incredible likeness of everyone’s favourite centenarian Captain Tom.

“At the time I was making the last cake, I asked my followers on Instagram who I should do, and Jodie Comer was one of the suggestions,” explained Leanne. “I thought it was a good one because everyone’s really proud of her in Liverpool and everyone seems to know her or be somehow distantly related to her.

“Plus, I do absolutely love Killing Eve, I think she’s an amazing actress and her facial expressions are fabulous.”

Mum-of-two Leanne says because the cake took five days to complete, she sadly won’t be sending it to Jodie or her family who still live in the city.

Leanne Harry

“I do hope she sees it though, because I think she’ll like it – she seems like she’s got good a sense of humour and she isn’t vain.

“It does feel a bit strange cutting into it after all the time spent on it, though. I do love looking at it so I’d really like to keep it, but even though the outside is made of sugar, the inside wouldn’t keep so we’ll have to eat it.

“I’ll be the one who gets to take a knife to Villanelle for a change!”

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