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Liverpool Christmas Bingo – How many will you tick off?


It’s all about the ‘full house’ at Christmastime in Liverpool, in every sense of the word!

Ahhh Christmas in Liverpool, the time of year that brings us all together in peace, harmony and a season of good will, alright yeah, until someone opens the Quality Street on the sly and your mum goes mad!

Whether you’re spending the 25th with your huge, extended family, partying with your mates, hammering the overtime with your work colleagues or simply getting cosy with your better half, our Liverpool Christmas Bingo will give you all a good giggle as you score points for the typical goings on in Scouseland over the festive period.

Eyes down guys and girls, lets play Liverpool Christmas Bingo…..

1 – Christmas Eve PJ’s, it’s practically the law.

 2 – Boxing Day walk in the park, new scooters and bikes galore.

3 – Playing Monopoly and not speaking to certain members of your family, ever again.

4 – Girls still going out in deepest, darkest December without a coat on.

5 – Getting roared at for daring to even open the fridge/cupboard/Celebrations.

6 – Santa hats at the match

7 – All the local pubs chocka on Christmas Eve

8 – No one knowing what time the pub is open on Christmas Day. (Unless you click here obvs.)

9 – Planning to play Christmas Day games but just getting pi$$ed instead

10 – Being hungover on Christmas morning

11 – Telly Wars! ‘We’re not watching that crap’ ‘Record it for later’ ‘Get It on Catch Up’ are all common themes.

12 – Using the wallpaper table so everyone can fit around it (with an odd stool/chair taken from the bedroom or bathroom)

13 – Glass of Prosecco on Xmas Eve, you, your ma and your Velcro rollers. Bliss!

14 – Spending all Christmas Day in the car travelling from house to house to see the family.

15 – Another pair of leather gloves off your Nan, awwwwww.

16 – Saying yes to a ‘quick drink’ after work because ‘f&ck it, it’s Christmas’ and rolling in gone midnight.

17 – The Big Queen’s Speech Debate. And someone always saying ‘Doesn’t she look good for 90-odd?”

18 – Having to frantically rewrap a selection box or unwanted present for that niece or nephew you forgot to get a gift for…..again.

19 – People queueing for Boxing Day sales in town. Mad heads.

20 – Lynx/Nivea Gift sets might be the most unimaginative gift, but you will get one and you will use it.

21 – Forgetting to buy batteries for all the kids toys. Walkie Talkies, use your imagination til Boxing Day.

22 – Turkey Roulette. Is it cooked? Will it fit in the oven? Is there enough?

23 – Bottles of Lemonade, Pepsi & tonic etc all by the back door because there’s so much food and ale in the fridge.

24 – Your mum giving the bin men a ‘Christmas box’.

25 – Ending up having a ball in the kitchen with all your cousins and aunties on Christmas night.


We want to know you top Liverpool Christmas Bingo scores and any corkers you think we should add to the game. Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share the best on our socials.


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