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Liverpool City Centre looking “better than ever”. Here’s how reopening preparations are going


Councillor Sharon Connor says Liverpool City Centre is looking better than ever as it prepares to re-open and welcome visitors back again on Monday.

A brand-new Intense Cleansing Programme has been put in place to keep Liverpool’s city centre streets clean – and, she says, to keep them like that.

“The new system uses a powerful jet wash to clean the streets,” says Councillor Connor. “It’s looking nice and clean, better than ever, so let’s keep it that way.”

Cllr Connor, cabinet member of the Regeneration and Highways Committee, adds: “We will carry out an intense cleanse at the beginning and the end of every day, and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

“It provides people with reassurance.

“We will continue to clean throughout the day, and we would ask people to help us by not disposing of masks or gloves, or dropping litter, as this causes us issues with resources and keeping the city clean.


“We are still in the midst of a pandemic. This is a gradual and managed reopening and we want to make it as safe as possible.”

Councillor Connor says preparations for the city centre have been ‘well co-ordinated’ and ‘well thought-out’, adding: “The commitment to get this right has been fantastic from all parties.”

And she is urging everyone to ‘be responsible’ as the city begins to make the journey back towards some normality.

“We want to support retailers and businesses and get the city re-opened, but we want to do it safely,” she says, “so I would urge everyone to plan their journeys and check which shops are open. We don’t want anyone to have a wasted journey.

“There is plenty of guidance for people so please use it and, of course, we are asking everyone: Be kind. Be patient. And, be responsible.”

Cllr Connor was speaking after weeks of planning to get ready for the re-opening on June 15.

She said it had been important to make sure it was as safe for people going into the city as it was for those working within it, and it was vital those involved were certain it could be managed properly.

“We expect it’s an opportunity for people to come into the city centre for the first time in two months and we are expecting people to take up that chance. A lot of work has got into how we will manage this.

“There is a brand-new website – Love Your Liverpool – which will answer all the questions and answers people need to know, like which shops are open and the one-way systems people will be asked to follow. Visit the website here.

“There is new and co-ordinated signage within the city, which is clear regardless of whether you’re in Liverpool ONE or Church Street.

“The measures we have put in place, the queueing zones, the one-way systems, all the guidelines, are making sure it works and it’s safe.”

And she stresses: “It is this which will enable everyone to stay safe so we can all enjoy our city. There is enough information to make sure that, as we go into this next phase, everyone is safe and we can all learn to love it again.”

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