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Liverpool Corrie actor joins homelessness charity Paper Cup Project


Liverpool actor Andrew Lancel has pledged his support for local charity Paper Cup Project to assist their work tackling homelessness across Liverpool by becoming their first patron. Paper Cup Project is well respected Liverpool charity, known for their work supporting rough sleepers and people experiencing homelessness via outreach and by raising awareness of the issues faced by people sleeping rough.  

Best known for his television roles in The Bill and Coronation Street as well as his critically acclaimed theatre work in shows such as Epstein, Twelve Angry Men and The Damned United, Andrew joins the charity as they are about to embark on a new venture, which will offer training and support to people across the region who have experienced homelessness.

Andrew says, “I am hugely proud to be part of this incredible and important project in Liverpool. The work done by the Paper Cup Project team is vital and important, and I look forward to seeing the charity taking the next step by offering opportunities to people who may otherwise find it difficult to access support.”

Andre Lancel
Photo – Matt Ford

CEO Michelle Langan says:

“We are delighted to welcome Andrew as our first patron. He has been a great supporter of our work since we first set up five years ago, and has encouraged and promoted our charity at every opportunity. The past twelve months have been a difficult time for everyone, and we are now looking ahead to a new initiative for the charity with the opening of our brand new coffee shop, Paper Cup Coffee. It’s the perfect time to welcome our first patron, and we are pleased to have such a fantastic local actor and genuinely nice man to join us on the adventure.”

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